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House Rejects Mayorkas Impeachment

The House of Representatives rejected a GOP-led effort on Tuesday to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The failed attempt dealt a blow to Republicans aiming to elevate immigration and border issues as key platforms ahead of the 2024 elections.

Impeachment Effort Fails in House Vote

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The motion to impeach Mayorkas failed by a narrow margin of 214-216, with no Democrats supporting the move and a handful of Republicans breaking ranks.

Always a Daunting Task

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Given the razor-thin majority of House Republicans, passing the impeachment resolution was always a daunting task.

GOP’s Allegations Against Mayorkas

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House Republicans had drafted two articles of impeachment, accusing Mayorkas of a “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” and a “breach of public trust.”

They allege that Mayorkas has deliberately allowed the border crisis to persist.

Criticism and Skepticism

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However, Democrats, along with a minority of House Republicans and legal experts, dismissed the impeachment effort as baseless.

Policy Disagreements

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They argued that disagreements over immigration policy do not warrant impeachment and could set a troubling precedent.

Doubts Within Republican Ranks

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Some Republicans, including Rep. Tom McClintock, expressed doubts about the impeachment push.

They released a statement Tuesday saying nothing would change with it.

Broader Solution Needed

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They suggested that removing Mayorkas from office would not address the underlying issues at the border.

McClintock said that the only solution was to “replace the entire administration, and that can only be done by the American people at the ballot box.”

White House Response

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The White House condemned the impeachment attempt, cautioning against politicizing the impeachment process.

They urged Congress to address border issues through legislative means rather than resorting to impeachment.

Senate Prospects and Bipartisan Deal

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Even if the House had passed the articles of impeachment, the likelihood of Mayorkas being removed from office was slim in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Meanwhile, the Senate grapples with a bipartisan $118 billion deal on migration policy, complicating the legislative landscape.

House GOP’s Resistance

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House Republican leaders have opposed the bipartisan Senate deal, advocating for their own hard-line bill on migrant claims.

They have dismissed the Senate proposal as impractical and insist that President Biden already possesses sufficient authority to address the border crisis.

Political Strategy for 2024

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The failed impeachment bid against Mayorkas, coupled with the rejection of the bipartisan border deal, underscores Republicans’ strategy to make immigration a central issue in the upcoming elections.

With former President Trump’s backing, they aim to hold the Biden administration accountable for border challenges.

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