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House Republicans Attempt Second Push for Surveillance Program Reauthorization

House Republicans are preparing for a renewed effort to pass legislation that would reauthorize a vital national security surveillance program. 

They encountered opposition from within their party earlier this week. 

Speaker Mike Johnson plans to present a modified bill to amend and prolong Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) for two years, aiming to gain support from GOP critics.

The revised plan follows a conservative revolt that derailed similar legislation, leading Johnson to consider alternative strategies to gain Republican support. 

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Despite Republican skepticism towards the government’s surveillance powers, there are signs that the shorter timeline for reauthorization could gain more support within the party.

After initial opposition, several individuals who were originally against the bill have now shown some support for the new proposal. 

Rep. Chip Roy, a Texas representative, suggested that a two-year timeframe would be more suitable for evaluating the impact of proposed reforms. 

This could indicate a change in perspective among GOP lawmakers.

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The proposed legislation would enable the U.S. government to gather communications of non-Americans located outside the country for foreign intelligence purposes without a warrant. 

Concerns regarding potential civil liberties violations against Americans have led to calls for reforms to address these issues.

The bill contains provisions to address criticisms of the surveillance program. 

However, some far-right opponents claim that the proposed changes are insufficient to safeguard civil liberties. 

Johnson is taking steps to unite the party by proposing new measures to address worries about data collection on Americans.

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House Democrats have stated that they will not be helping Johnson in resolving the deadlock on the legislation, highlighting the significance of Republican support for its approval. 

The program’s authorization is nearing its expiration, however, the Biden administration anticipates it will continue to be operational for another year, pending congressional action.

Lawmakers from both parties are expressing concerns about potential abuses and violations of privacy rights as the reauthorization of Section 702 faces bipartisan resistance. 

Donald Trump, the former president, has commented on the matter, falsely claiming that surveillance powers were misused to spy on his presidential campaign.

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Lawmakers are expressing concern over the FBI’s use of a surveillance program to search for information about Americans. 

This has led to questions about implementing more safeguards to protect privacy rights. 

FBI Director Chris Wray has expressed concerns about potential restrictions that may impact the program’s ability to address national security threats effectively.

House Republicans are regrouping to advance the surveillance bill, sparking an ongoing debate on Capitol Hill about the delicate balance between national security and civil liberties. 

The outcome of this legislative battle will have far-reaching consequences for government surveillance and privacy rights in the United States.

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