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House Speaker Johnson Destroys Ilhan Omar’s Objection to His Columbia Visit: She’s Doing ‘Exactly the Wrong Thing’

House Speaker Mike Johnson fiercely defended his recent visit to Columbia University on the Brian Kilmeade Show, labeling Representative Ilhan Omar’s criticism of his actions as “absolutely absurd.” 

Amidst ongoing anti-Israel protests at the university, Johnson’s trip aimed to support Jewish students expressing fear for their personal safety.

Rep. Ilhan Omar accused Johnson of exacerbating tensions by visiting Columbia University. 

According to Omar, Johnson’s presence at the university stirred up “anger and hate,” potentially endangering students involved in the protests. 

Her comments came shortly after her daughter was arrested during the campus demonstrations.

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Mike Johnson refuted Omar’s claims, arguing that his visit was essential for voicing support for Jewish students who felt threatened by the campus climate. 

He emphasized the unity required among elected officials to protect students and condemn antisemitism, criticizing those who, in his view, fail to stand up for these principles.

The core of Johnson’s visit was to address the concerns of Jewish students at Columbia who felt unsafe due to the intensity of the anti-Israel protests. 

Johnson highlighted the failure of university administrations and local government officials to provide adequate protection and maintain a secure environment for all students.

The backlash from Democratic figures, including Omar, frames Johnson’s visit as provocative rather than supportive. 

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Credits: DepositPhotos – Governor Hochul Stands By Chief Judge Nominee. January 15, 2023, New York, New York, USA: New York State Governor Kathy Hochul argues Hector LaSalle deserves top court seat at Primitive Christian Church on January 15, 2023 in New York City. — Photo by thenews2.com

Talking about Omar and other Democrats, he said, “Some of these folks are afraid to speak out, and others, like my colleague Omar, are saying exactly the wrong thing.”

This division underscores the broader national debate over how to handle campus protests and the safety of Jewish students amid rising antisemitic sentiments.

In his interview, Johnson mentioned that the House of Representatives had taken measures to address and mitigate these issues at the federal level. 

He called for greater accountability and action from all elected officials to safeguard students on college campuses.

Johnson’s office issued a statement asserting that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and other state officials have not done enough to combat antisemitism or protect Jewish students. 

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This statement pointed to a perceived neglect by state leadership in curbing the spread of hate and ensuring student safety.

The exchange between Johnson and Omar illustrates the deep divide in public and political perspectives on handling protests and student safety. 

While some view Johnson’s actions as a necessary stand against antisemitism, others see it as an unnecessary provocation that could incite further unrest.

This incident at Columbia University highlights larger issues of free speech, student activism, and the responsibilities of universities and public officials in managing campus safety. 

It raises important questions about the balance between protecting the right to protest and ensuring the security of all students.

As debates continue over the best approach to handling campus protests and protecting students, figures like Mike Johnson and Ilhan Omar represent the polarized views shaping the national discourse on education, safety, and free speech in America’s universities. 

The situation at Columbia University serves as a microcosm of the challenges faced by educational institutions across the country in fostering an environment of safety without stifling free expression.