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House Speaker McCarthy: Biden Probe ‘Rising to the Level of’ ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ — Credible Informant in Biden 1023 Form


During a recent broadcast of “Hannity,” House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) discussed the ongoing investigation into the conduct of the Biden family and President Joe Biden, stating that it is reaching the level of an “impeachment inquiry.” McCarthy highlighted that the informant who provided the basis for the 1023 form on the Bidens has been deemed credible by the FBI.

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Allegations of Bribery and Credible Informant:

According to McCarthy, the alleged 1023 form claiming that the Bidens were bribed was submitted to the FBI and found to be highly credible by the agency’s Philadelphia office under former Attorney General Bill Barr. Notably, the FBI withheld this information from the IRS. McCarthy revealed that the investigation has now unveiled that 16 out of 17 payments from Romania were directed to Biden’s shell companies during his vice presidency.

Disproving Biden’s Campaign Statements:

Furthermore, McCarthy pointed out that during President Biden’s campaign, he asserted that his family had never discussed business matters, and they had never received any money from China. However, evidence has emerged to disprove these claims. Whistleblowers, including ten-year IRS agents, have come forward and alleged that the Biden family received special treatment, and their testimony contradicts statements made by officials like Merrick Garland.

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Calls for an “Impeachment Inquiry”:

McCarthy emphasized that the situation has escalated to the point of requiring an “impeachment inquiry,” which grants Congress the strongest investigative powers to obtain the necessary knowledge and information. He accused President Biden of using government resources to favor his family, echoing tactics not seen since Richard Nixon’s time.


In conclusion, McCarthy expressed his belief that the investigation will continue until all answers are obtained, and it will ultimately reach the level of an impeachment inquiry, following the process outlined in the Constitution. The quest for answers remains essential to ensure proper oversight and accountability.

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