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House Speaker Reveals Conditions for Ukraine Aid, Including Gas Export Reversal

House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District has started to lay out possible requirements for extending additional military aid to Ukraine.

This move marks a shift in approach among Republicans, with Johnson signaling his intention to advance a package that some within his party have vehemently opposed.

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It is possible that Johnson might suggest some terms that would oblige Ukraine to receive aid solely on the condition that President Joe Biden lifts the ban on new permits for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities.

This stipulation, viewed as a political win against Biden’s climate agenda, would also benefit Louisiana by unblocking a proposed export terminal in the state.

Johnson suggested on Fox News that there may be upcoming legislative developments. 

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He hinted that the aid package for Ukraine, which has been delayed due to Republican resistance, could soon advance through Congress.

While specifics are yet to be finalized, Johnson emphasized his efforts to build consensus among House Republicans.

Among the proposals under consideration is the REPO Act, which would finance part of the aid by selling frozen Russian assets. 

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Additionally, Johnson floated the idea of offering some aid as a loan and revisited the notion of tying assistance to lifting the LNG export moratorium.

These measures aim to reassure skeptical Republicans that the cost of the aid package would be offset. 

By reversing the LNG moratorium, Johnson seeks to address concerns about energy reliance on Russia, thereby garnering support for the aid bill.

However, Johnson faces pressure from both ends of the political spectrum. 

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While some hard-right Republicans oppose aid to Ukraine, mainstream Republicans, NATO allies, and Democrats advocate for assistance to combat Russian aggression.

Despite internal party tensions, Johnson remains in contact with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who stressed the urgency of aid passage. 

Johnson’s challenge lies in finding a politically viable solution that balances competing interests within his party while addressing international concerns about the crisis in Ukraine.

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