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House Votes to Send Alejandro Mayorkas Impeachment Resolution to Committee

In a move to avoid an immediate vote, the House has blocked a resolution to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and has instead referred the matter to the Homeland Security Committee. The resolution, introduced by Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, accuses Mayorkas of engaging in conduct that is incompatible with US laws. 

The House voted 209-201 in favor of referring the resolution to the committee, with the support of moderate Republicans. Mayorkas has faced impeachment threats since the GOP gained control of the House, and the recent incident involving a suspected human smuggler in Texas further fueled the push for impeachment. 

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Photo Credit: @alimayorkas on intagram

The Department of Homeland Security defended Mayorkas, stating that he has been doing his job to keep Americans safe. Even if the impeachment effort is successful in the House, Mayorkas is unlikely to be convicted in a Senate trial, as Democrats hold the majority. Despite criticism from GOP lawmakers, Mayorkas remains in his position as Secretary of Homeland Security. 

The focus on Mayorkas comes as the House approaches a deadline to fund federal agencies and prevent a government shutdown. House Speaker Mike Johnson stated that although he believes Mayorkas has committed impeachable offenses, Republicans have limited time and resources to pursue impeachment further.

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