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How the Left Calls The Shots Under Biden’s Presidency

President Joe Biden turned 81 on November 20, making him the oldest president in U.S. history. This surpasses even Ronald Reagan, who was often ridiculed by the left for his age.

Concerns About Age

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With each passing day, Biden continues to break his own record, raising concerns about his fitness to govern.

Left’s Unusual Silence

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Despite global concerns about Biden’s age, the left-wing in America seems unfazed by his advancing years. This silence is puzzling and raises questions about their true role in his administration.

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A Question of Concern

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Why isn’t the left discussing their worries about Biden’s age? Given the potential consequences of his age-related limitations, one would expect everyone, including liberals, to share their concerns.

True Dynamics Revealed

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The silence regarding Biden’s age hints at a deeper truth—the left knows he is not the one calling the shots; they are. If Biden were truly leading and making critical decisions, the left would likely be more concerned about his age.

Symbol Over Leader

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With Biden in office, the left effectively has control of the White House. His weakness allows them to dictate policies and directions on many fronts. A stronger president would not grant them such influence.

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Reliance on the Left

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Biden’s base has significantly dwindled, primarily comprising the Democratic Party and the left. In polling, he trails behind Donald Trump, his potential opponent in 2024, indicating a challenging path to reelection.

A Game of Ratings

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Just 40% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance, which is 16 percentage points lower than their disapproval rating of 56%. Furthermore, his 40.2 percent average favorability rating and 55.2 percent unfavorable rating are not much better.  

A Codependent Presidency

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Biden is the giver in his relationship with the left. By keeping them satisfied, he remains in power. This codependent relationship ensures his presidency continues.

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The Road to Presidency

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Biden’s journey to the presidency was marked by several setbacks, including plagiarism allegations in 1988 and controversial remarks in 2008. He came close to losing his chance in 2020 as well.

Enabling the Presidency

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The left acts as an enabler in this codependency. They are benefiting immensely from his presidency and the policies they can influence.

Silence Speaks Volumes

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The left’s silence about Biden’s age reveals their understanding of their role in this codependency. They are not concerned about Biden governing because they are effectively governing in his place.

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Decoding Biden’s Presidency

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The left’s silence regarding Biden’s age speaks volumes about the true dynamics of his presidency. They are the ones calling the shots, making policy decisions, and ensuring their agenda is realized while Biden serves as a symbolic figurehead.

This codependency raises significant questions about who is truly in control of the country’s leadership.