Huawei drops lawsuit over equipment seized by the US government

Huawei drops lawsuit over equipment seized by the US government

After the government of the US has released the telecommunication equipment that was seized in September of 2017, a lawsuit has been dropped by the Chinese Company –Huawei against the Department of Commerce and other agencies.

This lawsuit was filed by the US subsidiary of the China-based company –Huawei Technologies of USA, in the month of June. The reason presented by Huawei for filing a lawsuit against the return of telecommunication equipment, which included Ethernet switches and servers; as a tacit admission that the action that was taken by the US government in seizing the equipment was in itself arbitrary and unlawful.

The US government confiscated the telecommunication equipment through the officials at Alaska, while it was on its way to China after it underwent a testing process in California. According to Huawei, the US government had concluded that no license was particularly needed for the shipment of the equipment from the US to China after an investigation was conducted.

However, no specific explanation was given to Huawei for its equipment being seized and withheld for two years. This lawsuit that is dropped by the Chinese company is entirely different from that of the one dropped in the month of March claiming the ban of Huawei’s products.

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