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Hunter Biden confesses to receiving money from Chinese-linked company

In a recent court proceeding, Hunter Biden confirmed earning $664,000 from CEFC, a Chinese company associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), conflicting with President Joe Biden’s earlier declaration that his family did not earn any “money from China.”

This revelation emerged during Hunter’s plea deal hearing in Delaware court, where he failed to secure a deal.

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Hunter Biden acknowledges financial ties to CEFC

Court documents procured by The Epoch Times indicate U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, David Weiss, read evidence in court specifying Hunter’s income from a “Chinese infrastructure investment company.”

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika queried Hunter about the company, to which he replied, “I believe CEFC.” CEFC is a now-defunct Chinese energy company with CCP links, co-founded by Hunter and Ye Jianming in 2017.

Court findings contradict Biden’s denial of Son’s China earnings

President Biden had previously denied allegations about his son’s earnings from China during a televised debate in October 2020 with then-President Donald Trump.

“My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what are you talking about, China. The only guy who made money from China is this guy,” Mr. Biden said at the time, referring to Mr. Trump. “He’s the only one. Nobody else has made money from China.”

However, the new findings in court suggest a contradiction.

Whistleblower highlights Hunter Biden’s ties to CEFC

The White House has yet to comment on this apparent discrepancy.

Previous investigations have spotlighted CEFC, including an IRS whistleblower’s testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.

The whistleblower alleged that Hunter demanded $10 million from CEFC, promising services from “the Bidens.”

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Investigations reveal Hunter Biden’s ties to CCP figures

Credit: DepositPhotos

Additional reports by Hunter’s ex-business associate, Tony Bobulinski, suggest a close association between Hunter and Ye.

A Republican-led Senate investigation revealed Hunter’s transactions with multiple Chinese individuals with CCP connections, including Ye.

It also documented a $5 million wire to Hudson West, Hunter’s company, days after his WhatsApp chat with a CEFC executive.

Biden family’s $1M Chinese business earnings confirmed

Subpoenaed records revealed that Biden family members received over $1 million in 2017 from accounts tied to Hunter’s associate, Rob Walker, and their Chinese business activities.

A spokesperson for Hunter’s legal team verified the transaction to Fox News but clarified that the accounts “belonged to Hunter, his uncle, and Hallie–nobody else.”

House Republicans press on with Biden probe despite White House dismissal

The developments came as House Republicans continue investigating the Biden family’s overseas business activities for potential national security risks.

Despite the White House dismissing this probe as a “waste of time,” a spokesperson for the House Oversight Committee insisted on clarity regarding the Biden family’s foreign business transactions.

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Judge rejects Hunter Biden’s plea deal in tax evasion case

During the July 26 hearing, the judge declined Hunter’s plea deal, criticized as too lenient by Republicans, leading him to plead not guilty.

The decision initiates a potential revised plea deal in the future, giving both parties 30 days to address her concerns.

Hunter initially aimed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges for tax evasion and avert prosecution on a gun charge through a diversion agreement.


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