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Hunter Biden Faces Stiff Opposition in Bid to Dismiss Felony Charges

In a significant development, the office of Special Counsel David Weiss has sharply countered Hunter Biden’s attempt to dismiss three serious gun charges. This response, issued on Tuesday, vehemently opposes Biden’s claim of selective prosecution.

Hollywood Script Allegations

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Describing Biden’s selective prosecution claim as “a fiction designed for a Hollywood script,” Weiss’ office highlights the dramatic nature of the defense’s argument. This counters Hunter Biden’s legal team’s efforts to dismiss the charges.

Defense’s Accusation

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Hunter Biden’s legal team, led by attorney Abbe Lowell, alleges that Weiss, appointed by former President Donald Trump, caved to “political pressure” from Trump-aligned congressional Republicans. This claim is central to their defense strategy.

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Prosecution’s Rebuttal

Credit: US President Joe Biden delivers remarks at a rally for the 2022 midterm elections at Richmond Montgomery High School. August 25, 2022, Rockville, Maryland, USA: US President Joe Biden, Democratic officials, and voters rallied at a DNC event — Photo by thenews2.com

Weiss’ office, in a comprehensive 57-page response, labeled the defense’s accusation as “bordering on the absurd.” They argue the implausibility of the claim since Weiss was authorized by an attorney general appointed by President Joe Biden.

Charges Timeline

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The charges, stemming from a 2018 incident involving a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver, were filed after Weiss was appointed Special Counsel. This followed a five-year investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.

The Controversial Firearm

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Biden acquired the revolver despite acknowledging in his memoir his drug addiction during that period. His legal team states he owned the firearm for eleven days without using it, countering the severity of the charges.

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Evidence Presented

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Weiss’ office reiterated key aspects of their indictment, claiming “overwhelming” evidence against Biden. This includes the discovery of trace amounts of cocaine on a pouch holding the firearm.

Defense’s Counterarguments

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Hunter Biden’s attorney presented several arguments, including questioning the legality of the special counsel’s appointment. Additionally, they cited an immunity stipulation from a previous plea deal and questioned the constitutionality of the gun crimes.

Upcoming Legal Response

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Hunter Biden’s legal team is expected to respond to the government’s brief by the end of the month. This response is awaited in the ongoing legal battle.

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Broader Legal Challenges

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Beyond Delaware, Hunter Biden faces nine additional tax-related charges in California. These charges add to his expanding legal challenges.

Congressional Pressure

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Congressional Republicans have threatened a criminal referral for Biden’s failure to comply with a subpoena for closed-door testimony. This adds another layer to his legal woes.

Ongoing Legal Saga

This legal saga underscores the complexities and high stakes of the case. Both the defense and the prosecution are bracing for further confrontations in a closely watched legal battle.

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