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Hunter Biden Ordered to Appear in Court Over Paternity-Related Case

A circuit court judge in Arkansas has ordered Hunter Biden to appear in person for a hearing next Monday regarding the paternity case of his unacknowledged 4-year-old daughter. 

The order was entered in the Circuit Court of Independence County on Monday and posted on the court website on Tuesday.

Hunter Biden scheduled for 01 May court appearance

Biden is required to appear in person in Batesville, Arkansas, on May 1 for the paternity case of 4-year-old Navy Jones Roberts. 

During a Zoom hearing on Monday, Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ruled that Biden and the mother of his child, Lunden Roberts, can no longer send just their attorneys to proceedings. 

Meyer said, “From now on, I want both of your clients at every hearing I conduct. I will no longer allow us to excuse clients because it is interfering with the progress of litigation, which is taking way too long to get over simple points.”

Meyer also questioned Biden’s attorney, Brent Langdon, about his comments regarding the laptop the president’s son left at a repair shop.

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Hunter’s attorney refuses to acknowledge ‘the laptop’

Langdon reportedly began by saying, “There has never been, to my knowledge, an acknowledgment that this so-called laptop — he continuously calls it Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.”

“Well, let’s clear that issue up right now,” Meyer interjected. “Is it your client’s laptop or not?”

“Your honor, I’m not involved in all of that stuff,” Langdon responded. “It’s not my client’s laptop, as far as I know.”

The judge stated that she holds clients to what their lawyers say in court. “Is it your client’s position, you’re representing to this court, that it is not his laptop?” Meyer asked.

“Your honor, I am not in a position to even begin to answer that question,” Langdon said.

Hunter is the girl’s dad ‘with near scientific certainty’

In a January 2020 order, Meyer declared “with near scientific certainty” that Biden is the girl’s father, referred to in court documents as “Baby Doe,” following a DNA test. 

The girl was born in August 2018, and a paternity suit was filed in May 2019. After the DNA test results, both parties agreed to temporary child support until the case was resolved.

According to the Democrat-Gazette, Biden and Roberts reached an agreement to settle their paternity and child-support suit in March 2020. However, the case was reopened when Biden requested adjustments to the child support payments. 

Roberts filed motion to change last name to Biden

In December, Roberts’ lawyers filed a motion to have the girl’s last name changed to Biden. 

“The Biden name is now synonymous with being well-educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful,” the motion said.

In rebuttal, Biden’s attorney demanded “strict proof thereof that such request is in the best interest of the child.” Meyer scheduled a bench trial for July 24-25 in Batesville. 

Despite the DNA results, President Biden has refused to acknowledge the granddaughter born out of wedlock. Last Christmas season, first lady Jill Biden hung stockings for six of their grandchildren at the White House, excluding Navy. 

Those recognized were Naomi, 27, Finnegan, 21, Maisy, 20, Natalie, 17, Robert Hunter Biden II, 15; and Beau, 1.


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