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Hunter Biden Voluntarily Offers Public Testimony Before House Oversight Committee in Impeachment Inquiry, Lawyer Stresses

In a letter addressed to Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, expressed his client’s willingness to be interviewed by lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee in a public hearing as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Lowell emphasized that Hunter Biden is ready to answer “any pertinent and relevant questions” from lawmakers, but insisted that the questioning must occur during a public committee hearing.

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Lowell argued that a public proceeding would prevent any potential manipulation of information, including selective leaks, tampered transcripts, distorted exhibits, or biased press statements.

He further asserted that the ongoing investigation has wasted valuable resources and should be brought to a conclusion. Hunter Biden proposed testifying on December 13 or on another date in the following month.

Lowell’s letter also highlighted concerns regarding closed-door sessions, alleging that they had been used to manipulate facts and misinform the public. He urged the committee to shed light on the proceedings if they truly believe their efforts are significant and should be made known to the American people.

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This move by Hunter Biden to cooperate with congressional investigators in a public setting follows the House Republicans’ subpoena of Hunter Biden and James Biden, the president’s brother, to appear for depositions earlier this month.

Additionally, congressional investigators have requested the presence of other members of the Biden family for transcribed interviews and have issued subpoenas to Hunter Biden’s former business associates. These demands represent an escalation in the House GOP’s attempts to determine if President Biden engaged in impeachable offenses.

However, Comer promptly rejected Hunter Biden’s offer, insisting that he must first appear for a closed-door deposition on December 13. Comer did not rule out the possibility of public testimony at a later date, stating that while Hunter Biden should comply with the subpoena for a deposition, he should also have the opportunity to testify publicly in the future.

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Rep. Jamie Raskin, the leading Democrat on the Oversight panel, criticized Comer’s rejection of Hunter Biden’s willingness to testify publicly. Raskin argued that this resistance further demonstrates the lack of evidence against President Biden on the part of Republicans.

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The GOP leaders of the Oversight and Judiciary Committees, who are spearheading the impeachment inquiry, have claimed Hunter Biden’s active involvement in connecting the Biden family to foreign financial dealings.

They contend that he possesses “personal knowledge” regarding whether the president participated in his family members’ business affairs. Despite these claims, House Republicans have yet to present direct evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of President Biden.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy initiated a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden in September, and Speaker Mike Johnson has continued to support the probe. Johnson recently stated that questioning key witnesses under oath is the next step in filling gaps in the record.

In September, House Republicans had their inaugural and only hearing for the impeachment inquiry. During this hearing, they aimed to outline the basis for their investigation of the president.

However, one of the Republican witnesses, law professor Jonathan Turley from George Washington University, expressed doubt that the evidence collected by Republicans would substantiate articles of impeachment.

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