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Hunter Biden’s Attorney Defends Conversations with President Joe Biden as ‘Chitchat’

Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to address questions surrounding Hunter Biden’s business activities and his interactions with his father, President Joe Biden.

Lowell emphasized that President Biden’s conversations with his son were mostly casual and friendly in nature, often discussing mundane topics like the weather. He pointed out that the president frequently talks to his children and grandchildren, asserting that these interactions were not unusual.

When asked about the financial aspects of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, Lowell highlighted Hunter’s education, experience, and capabilities.

He asserted that Hunter was not simply receiving payments for no reason, but was a qualified individual involved in various ventures, including serving on the boards of directors for institutions like a bank and Amtrak.

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Lowell also addressed the idea of individuals leveraging their connections and names for opportunities, pointing out that this practice has existed for a long time.

He mentioned other examples of politicians and their family members benefiting from their connections. Lowell argued that while it might not be fair to those without prominent names, it’s a common occurrence and not illegal.

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He further emphasized that Hunter Biden’s situation differs from that of the Trump family, as Hunter never operated within the realm of a family business nor acted as an adviser to the president while conducting business.

Lowell’s key point was that Hunter Biden’s activities were not improper or illegal, and he sought to distinguish them from situations that might involve conflicts of interest.

In this interview, Hunter Biden’s attorney aimed to contextualize the interactions between Hunter and President Biden, while also defending Hunter’s qualifications and asserting that his actions were within legal bounds.

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