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Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner’s Testimony Raises Doubts, Says Attorney

Democrats who dismiss the testimony of Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Devon Archer, may be overlooking important evidence, according to civil rights attorney Leo Terrell. Archer’s closed-door interview revealed that then-Vice President Joe Biden was occasionally placed on the phone for brief exchanges with individuals that Hunter was speaking with, merely for pleasantries. However, Rep. Daniel Goldman and Rep. James Himes have downplayed the significance of this revelation, asserting that it does not contradict President Biden’s statements denying involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.

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Terrell strongly disagrees with these defenses, stating that Archer’s testimony points to President Biden lying to the public. He points out that Biden’s denials were made in non-binding settings and not under oath, which raises doubts about their accuracy. Terrell believes that House Republicans are doing the job the Justice Department should be doing—investigating the Biden family’s business deals more thoroughly. He also questions the FBI’s handling of Hunter Biden’s plea deal, suggesting it was designed to protect him from facing consequences for his actions.

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In a separate interview, Rep. Byron Donalds expresses skepticism over the situation, asserting that he would be cautious if invited to a similar dinner by his family, especially as a member of Congress. He believes that the situation involving Hunter Biden raises concerns about influence peddling and public corruption.

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