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Hunter Biden’s lawyer accuses House Republicans of defamation campaign

Hunter Biden’s legal representative, Abbe Lowell, has accused House Republicans of participating in a smear campaign to malign Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden.

In a comprehensive 10-page letter addressed to Rep. Jason Smith, the House Ways, and Means Committee chairman, Lowell contends that Smith has manipulated screenshots of WhatsApp conversations to damage Hunter Biden’s reputation and, by extension, target his father.

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Republicans accuse DOJ of mishandling the Hunter Biden investigation

Lowell’s letter is in response to Smith’s release of interview transcripts with two IRS agents who claim the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation into Hunter Biden was mishandled.

The transcripts came out after Hunter Biden accepted a plea deal for tax-related misdemeanors and a pretrial diversion agreement to circumvent prosecution on a felony gun-related charge.

This has caused outrage among Republicans, who accuse the DOJ of mishandling the investigation.

Lowell labels IRS whistleblower Shapley as ‘disgruntled’

In his letter, Lowell labeled IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley as “disgruntled” and suggested that Shapley might be taking on this title to avoid his misconduct.

Lowell implies that Shapley might be the source of leaks about the DOJ’s investigation into Hunter Biden.

Lowell writes, “Mr. Shapley may be reaping the ‘reward’ from the cover you gave him, considering the penalties for agents illegally leaking this type of information.”

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Smith fires back, accuses Lowell of impeding investigation

Smith quickly retaliated, framing Lowell’s claims as an attempt to impede their investigation, discredit Shapley, and mislead the public.

Smith said, “It’s little surprise that Hunter Biden’s attorneys are attempting to chill our investigation and discredit the whistleblowers who say they have already faced retaliation from the IRS and the Department of Justice despite statutory protections established by law.”

Lowell queries Smith’s WhatsApp message evidence

Photo Credit: @newslink7com on Instagram

Smith praises the IRS whistleblowers for their bravery in coming forward with misconduct allegations and preferential treatment for Hunter Biden.

He asserts that his committee will not halt their investigation because Hunter Biden’s lawyers disapprove.

In addition, Lowell has drawn attention to irregularities in the Whatsapp messages presented in an image Smith shared on Twitter.

Lowell points out inconsistencies in contact ID details, message bubbles

He declares these messages to be fabricated, citing inconsistencies such as the wrong color of message bubbles and inaccurate details in the contact ID.

He also alleges the manipulation of data from Hunter Biden’s devices.

Lowell writes, “In short, the images you circulated online are complete fakes. Many media articles confirm that data purported to have come from Mr. Biden’s devices have been altered or manipulated. You, or someone else, did that again.”

Hunter’s alleged intimidation: Lowell challenges claims

These disputed messages allegedly demonstrate Hunter using his father’s political ties to intimidate a Chinese business associate.

Lowell counters this claim, stating that President Biden was not present when the contentious message was sent and that the message was not directed towards an official of CEFC but someone else.

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White House denies DOJ’s investigation interference

In response to Lowell’s claims, a lawyer representing Shapley said they were attempts to “intimidate our client, and the oversight authorities scrutinizing the politicization of that case is no surprise.”

The White House has dismissed allegations of interference in the DOJ’s investigation of Hunter Biden. For his part, Hunter Biden has agreed to plead guilty to tax-related charges and a felony gun charge.