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Hunter’s Business Partner in ‘Hiding’ Ahead of Expected Testimony

Devon Archer, a longtime friend of Hunter Biden and former Burisma board member, is reportedly in “hiding” ahead of his expected testimony regarding President Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s business deals before becoming president.

Archer’s Testimony and Concerns

Archer is scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee and reveal that he witnessed Joe Biden participating in at least two dozen calls with Hunter. The New York Post first reported the scheduled hearing, stating that Archer had told friends he fled his homes in Long Island and Brooklyn due to concerns for his and his family’s safety. However, Archer still plans to testify despite these threats.

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Archer’s Insights into Hunter Biden’s Business Deals

His anticipated testimony is significant as it is expected to shed light on the nature of Hunter Biden’s business dealings and his interactions with foreign business partners and potential investors. According to reports, Hunter would introduce his father to these individuals during meetings and even put Joe Biden on speakerphone to make an impression.

House Oversight Committee’s Invitation

The House Oversight Committee invited Archer to testify despite his previous legal troubles, as he was sentenced to one year in prison for his involvement in a $60 million bond fraud. Several previously planned depositions were canceled by Archer for personal reasons.

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Archer’s Lawyer’s Statement

Archer’s lawyer, Matthew Schwartz of Boies, Schiller and Flexner, is yet to respond to media requests for comments on his client’s testimony. However, he released a statement stating that Archer would get the opportunity to speak for himself during the upcoming testimony.

Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Falls Apart

Credit: DepositPhotos

In a separate development, Hunter Biden’s plea deal fell apart during his first court appearance, where he was expected to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax counts related to willful failure to pay federal income tax as part of a plea deal to avoid a felony gun charge. Instead, he pleaded “not guilty,” and federal prosecutors confirmed that he remains under federal investigation.

Ongoing Developments and Public Interest

The ongoing developments surrounding Hunter Biden and his business dealings continue to draw attention and scrutiny, raising questions about the extent of President Biden’s involvement and the legal implications that may follow. As these events unfold, the public remains keen on understanding the full extent of the matter.

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