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Husband Accused of Sabotaging Wife’s Career, Seeking Help to Save Their Marriage

In an unfortunate turn of events, a 36-year-old husband finds himself entangled in a complex predicament with his wife, who has accused him of intentionally trying to sabotage her career. The incident, shared by the husband on Reddit’s r/relationships, has captured the attention of thousands, uncovering the intricacies of their troubled relationship.

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The Accusation

The husband, known as user “throwaway98642,” reveals that his wife, also 36, firmly believes he is deliberately hindering her professional progress. He expresses his distress over the situation, claiming innocence and seeking guidance from the Reddit community.

A Troubled Marriage

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According to the husband’s account, his marriage has been marred by constant arguments and resentment. The couple’s lack of communication and ongoing disagreements have created a tense environment, ultimately leading to an ongoing battle that threatens the very foundation of their relationship.

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Wife’s Claims of Sabotage

The husband explains that his wife recently began a new job that required her to work long hours. Since then, she has become progressively convinced that he is plotting against her success. These accusations include tampering with her alarm clock, hiding work-related documents, and deliberately interrupting her sleep to exhaust her before important meetings.

Defending His Innocence

In his plea for advice, the husband argues that he has never engaged in any actions to undermine his wife’s career. He maintains his devotion to their relationship and expresses deep concern regarding the unfounded accusations, which he believes only further strain their already fragile marriage.

Seeking Solutions

Recognizing the need for intervention, the husband offers the Reddit community an opportunity to share their insights into the situation. He expresses hope for finding a resolution that can save their marriage and rebuild the trust that has steadily eroded over time.

Community Response

The Reddit community rallies around the husband, emphasizing the importance of open communication, professional therapy, and potentially seeking legal advice to address the serious nature of the accusations. Commenters urge the couple to engage in honest dialogues to get to the root cause of their issues, with some suggesting that individual therapy may also be beneficial.


With an uncertain future ahead and a marriage hanging by a thread, the husband’s plea for help on Reddit’s r/relationships sheds light on the complexity of their troubled relationship. As they continue their quest for a resolution, it remains to be seen whether the couple can overcome their challenges and salvage their once flourishing partnership.

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