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Illinois Suburb Abandons Plan for Residents to House Migrants After Viral Council Proposal

An affluent suburb in Illinois, Naperville, has decided to abandon a plan that involved residents volunteering to house migrants in their homes.

Heated Discussions on Sign Up Sheet

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This decision comes after a city councilman’s viral proposal to create a “sign-up” sheet raised concerns and ignited discussions about housing migrants in the area.

Contemplating Migrant Housing

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Naperville had been exploring the idea of residents volunteering to provide housing for migrants due to concerns that challenges faced by Chicago in accommodating migrants might extend to the suburbs.

Councilman’s Viral Proposal

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During a council meeting on January 16, city council member Josh McBroom made headlines by suggesting the creation of a sign-up sheet for residents willing to open their homes to migrants.

His proposal gained widespread attention on social media.

Video Sparks Social Media Reaction

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A video of McBroom’s comments went viral on social media platforms, drawing significant attention and sparking conversations about housing migrants in Naperville.

Councilman’s Motivation

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In an interview with Fox News Digital, McBroom explained that he felt compelled to address the issue he believed was being avoided by his fellow council members.

Proposal Directed At Open Border Policy Supporters

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He argued that his proposal was directed at residents who supported the “open border policy” during the Biden administration.

Open Border Policy Debate

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McBroom pointed out that many residents had voted for politicians advocating the open border policy.

He questioned whether they would be willing to assist with housing migrants.

Misuse of Taxpayer Funds

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He emphasized that taxpayer funds should not be allocated for this purpose.

McBroom’s Statement

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“They’re voting for people that have supported this open border policy… am I being provocative with my proposal? A little bit, but I’m being genuine, too.

Over half of the town voted for this policy.

Are you gonna help out? Because we’re not going to spend tax dollars on it.”

Complex Discussion

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The decision to abandon the “sign-up” sheet reflects the complex discussions and debates surrounding the housing of migrants in suburban areas like Naperville, highlighting the broader national conversation about immigration policies and community responsibilities.

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