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Impoverished Migrant Children Forced into Candy Sales in NYC Subways Amid Concerns Over Biden’s Immigration Policies

Impoverished Migrant Children Forced into Candy Sales in NYC Subways Amid Concerns Over Biden’s Immigration Policies

The bustling subways of New York City have become an unexpected stage for a distressing sight: impoverished migrant children hawking candy to strangers. As President Joe Biden’s administration continues to welcome a steady influx of underprivileged foreign nationals to the United States each month, this growing underclass of young immigrants is resorting to risky means of survival.

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One teenage migrant recently arrived in New York City lamented her circumstances as she shared her story of selling candy in the perilous subway environment. Struggling to make ends meet and afford rent and necessities, she described her situation as “horrible.”

Another case highlighted in a report by Curbed tells the tale of a 16-year-old migrant girl from Ecuador who spends her days peddling packets of M&M’s. She faced a distressing encounter when she was robbed by an aggressive woman, who not only stole from her but also threatened to harm her baby.

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The items being sold by these young migrants include not only M&M’s but also Orbit gum, Oreos, fruit snacks, and Snickers, each priced at $2 per packet. In some families, children as young as four years old are participating in the candy-selling enterprise, supervised by parents who believe this provides a more lucrative alternative to attending school.

The rise in these troubling circumstances coincides with the influx of approximately 100,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into New York City since the spring of 2022. Many of these newcomers are reliant on the city’s shelter system, funded by local taxpayers.

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These stories shed light on the challenges faced by migrant families upon their release into the United States under the policies of the Department of Homeland Security during the Biden administration. Recent research underscores that this trend predominantly involves an underclass of economically disadvantaged foreign nationals, often with minimal connections to the U.S., including a significant number of children.

A study published in the New York Times in April highlighted that migrant children now constitute a significant portion of impoverished children in the U.S., with a notable portion being “anchor babies” — a term referring to the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens.

As these narratives unfold against the backdrop of ongoing immigration debates and concerns, the plight of these migrant children raises poignant questions about the long-term implications of immigration policies and their effects on vulnerable populations within the United States.

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