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Inc Authority Review 2024: Is This Free Service Legit?

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Starting a new business can be a time of incredible joy but can also lead to an overwhelming mix of emotions and frustrations. There are services online that specialize in helping you out, but they are not all created the same.

Luckily, The Stock Dork is here to review these services and provide unbiased reviews so you can decide which service is right for you.

This Inc Authority Review provides everything there is to know about this business formation service.

Inc Authority Review

Inc Authority Review: Overview

Inc Authority first came onto the scene back in 1989. Their corporation and LLC formation services have helped create over 130,000 businesses since that time.

What makes Inc Authority stand out is that they offer free LLC formation and a one-stop platform for affordable services that will help a new LLC start strong.

Inc Authority’s packages come in multiple tiers each with its own set of features and fees. Any service that Inc Authority offers that’s not included in the package of your choosing can be added for an additional cost.

Inc Authority Review: How Does Inc Authority Work?

Inc Authority Review

It takes only a few minutes to set up an account with Inc Authority before you can create your own business. Their “always free” business model means that there will never be a cost for using Inc Authority to set up an LLC or corporation.

The company walks you through the process with excellent customer support and doesn’t let you go until you have all necessary documents filed with the appropriate state.

From there, you have the choice to sign up for some of Inc Authority’s add-ons including web design, marketing help, record keeping, and credit formation.

Inc Authority Review: How Long Does Inc Authority Take?

With Inc Authority, the LLC formation process can run anywhere from seven business days to a few weeks. This variation largely depends on the state side of things, as each state processes startup registrations differently.

Anyone who purchases the Tycoon Package with its express processing can save some time. Inc Authority will submit all the paperwork necessary to form an LLC to the state on the day you set up your account.

Inc Authority Review: Is Inc Authority Legit?

Inc Authority has been around since 1989 offering free LLC formation services both online and offline. The company formation service has helped over 130,000 businesses register and only continues to grow in popularity with its free services.

Inc Authority Review: Is Inc Authority a Good Company?

Inc Authority Review

Inc Authority reviews on popular sites hover near 5 stars, including a 4.8 rating with thousands of reviews on Trustpilot. These reviews come back praising the company for its business setup process and excellent customer support service.

The company clearly keeps an eye out for the consumer, and while it has several paid add-on services, they make it clear that the LLC formation process will forever be a free service through their company.

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Inc Authority Review: What Do You Get with Inc Authority?

There are a ton of services available with Inc Authority. Here’s a list of those that stand out the most:

  • Free Business Formation
  • Operating Agreement and Bylaws
  • Tax Consultation
  • Customer Support
  • Business Name Check
  • Free Registered Agent Service for one year
  • Additional Services

Inc Authority Review

Inc Authority Review: Free Business Formation

The business formation service is likely the principal reason a new business owner would pay a visit to Inc Authority. It allows entrepreneurs to form an LLC or corporation legitimately and without any fees.

This means they don’t charge any fees for any part of the setup service, including business name creation, preparation and filing of your formation package, and merchant services.

Of all the business formation services, you will only need to pay state filing fees for startup formation filing.

Even if your state doesn’t require one, these business documents can serve as ownership certificates should you need to prove the validity of your corporation.

This service also includes each of the free services listed below.

Inc Authority Review: Tax Consultation

Another free service Inc Authority offers is tax planning consultation for entrepreneurs. Tax regulations can be overwhelming to new business owners.

Having a tax expert pore over your documents and advise you on federal and state tax guidelines can be quite beneficial.

Inc Authority Review: Customer Support

Inc Authority works hard to have a strong customer support base, so you don’t have to work hard looking for answers.

The core customer support team is available from 8 AM to 5 PM PST Monday through Friday via phone, email, and live chat.

Other than the time limitations, all users have full access to this service and can contact them as much as needed.

Customer service agents are well-trained in topics regarding LLC formation and are known to respond quickly during business hours.

In addition, Inc Authority offers protection advisors for more complex issues.

This service gives you a direct line to business analysts and coaches that you can contact to guide you in areas such as payroll, business licenses, and many other services.

The protection advisor service is not free, and access to this team of experts is normally $27 per month.

Inc Authority Review: Business Name Check

A corporation needs a good name, and Inc Authority is here to help with that as well. After you’ve come up with a fantastic name for your limited liability company, you’ll need to know if it is available.

Inc Authority will perform a name availability search in your state. In addition, they will check your name for misspellings before you pay the state filing fee.

Inc Authority Review: Free Registered Agent Service

Upon registration, businesses are required to provide a state specific physical address for receiving documents by mail.

This isn’t always easy as more and more businesses are functioning solely online or are based in a different state.

For the sake of privacy, many business owners are also not keen on offering up their home address as a solution.

Fortunately, Inc Authority will act as your registered agent service, allowing you to use their business address.

Best of all, they offer this service for free for one year after you’ve set up your corporation or LLC service through them.

Inc Authority Review: Additional Paid Services

Request a Federal Tax ID Number

Inc Authority can obtain a federal tax ID number (also known as employer identification number) for you during LLC formation. This service adds a lot of convenience to the business registration process.

Individuals with the free bundle will need to pay $49 for this service, but those with one of the paid bundles will not incur any additional fee.

Operating Agreement and Bylaws

An operating agreement and bylaws are mandatory compliance requirements in at least some states. Should you need one, Inc Authority will create a custom operating agreement for your business. The service goes so far as to outline your company’s framework and the profit shares that each stakeholder is entitled to.

This service is free for any premium account but costs $89 to set up with a basic account.

Website and Marketing Package

Inc Authority Review: Website and marketing package

Inc Authority offers website and marketing services for those who may not have the time or the know-how to address these on their own.

A personal web designer will work with you to outline the features of your LLC service with a modern website design and SEO-optimized content.

The service comes with a professional logo, social media setup, business cards, and more.

Record Book and Company Seal

Picking up this service will help you stay on top of finances and develop the best LLC you can. For $99, you’ll receive a branded record book, branded company seal, legal ownership, and stock certificates.

Business Credit and Business Funding

Inc Authority review: Business funding

Inc Authority has a built-in business credit launchpad to help you on the path to building your business’s credit up to an A+ rating in just 90 days. You’ll also have easy access to business loans, working capital, and credit lines should you need them.

Business funding gives you the ability to tap into an endless network of lending options to start growing your business. Inc Authority helps new owners get pre-qualified quickly, so there are no hangups during LLC formation.

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 Inc Authority Cancellation Policy

Inc Authority’s premium packages have one-time fees that combine several other features into one lump sum. It’s possible to cancel these within 14 days of purchase to get a full refund.

This also holds true for additional features. Inc Authority also offers the ability to cancel any add-ons within the first 14 days. At any point after that, canceling will allow you to use whatever feature you’ve signed up for until the monthly billing cycle ends.

Recurring payments for monthly services after the first 14 days are non-refundable.

Keep in mind that the registered agent service is free for the first year no matter which plan you choose. If you do not cancel this service before the year is up, Inc Authority will automatically charge you $99 for each following year.

How Much Does Inc Authority Cost?

Inc Authority has its free corporation and LLC formation service as well as three premium packages with varying levels of features.

None of these bundles includes state filing fees which vary from state to state.

Inc Authority Review: pricing

Free Business Formation Package

As mentioned above, it is free to use Inc Authority’s business formation services to set up LLCs or corporations. Tax planning consultation, customer support, business name availability, and registered agent service for a year are also all free.

Most other services can be added to this free formation service, but each add-on comes with its own monthly fees.

Starter Business Bundle

The Starter Business Bundle includes all of the freebies that Inc Authority offers, with some extra features added on.

You’ll also receive the following features:

  • Complete operating agreement and bylaws
  • Record book with company seal
  • Generation of your employer identification number
  • Ownership certificates
  • Business credit and funding evaluation
  • A record of your company’s meeting minutes and resolutions
  • A 1 year Inc protection advisor
  • Help with state filing

This package typically costs a one-time fee of $660 but at times is discounted to $399.

Executive Business Bundle

The Executive Business Bundle unsurprisingly contains everything in the Starter Package but adds a few more goodies to sweeten the pot.

At the end of your corporation or LLC formation, you’ll be able to perform a business license report. Inc Authority gives executive users access to their business license report website, where you’ll be able to determine the licenses and permits your business entity requires based on its location.

This package also features a website domain that you can use to build and promote your corporation or limited liability company.

The Executive Package retails for $789 but can be discounted to $499.

Tycoon Business Bundle

Inc Authority’s Tycoon Business Bundle is its cream of the crop. This bundle puts your LLC service at the top of the pile with express processing of accounts.

In addition, the Tycoon Package has a slew of services that help LLCs or corporations build credit fast. These include the following:

  • BizCredit Express
  • Business Credit Coach
  • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System
  • Business Credit LaunchPad
  • D&B Credit Bureau Registration

As the most expensive package, the Tycoon bundle usually costs $1,286 but has been seen discounted to $799.

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Inc Authority Review: Pros and Cons

It can be hard to find fault with a free platform like Inc Authority. Here is a list of a lot of what Inc Authority does well, as well as a few things it could improve upon:

Inc Authority Pros

  • Free to set up a corporation or LLC
  • Handles preparation and filing of formation documents
  • One year registered agent service for free
  • Great customer support staff
  • Stellar customer reviews
  • Free business name availability search

Inc Authority Cons

  • Customer support limited to certain hours of the day
  • Add-ons can get costly

Why Would I Use Inc Authority as My Registered Agent Instead of Just Representing Myself?

A registered agent is mandatory by law when you form an LLC, as the government requires a state specific address on file for legal documents.

Most businesses today have a strong online presence and often start out as home-based. Using your own address risks your privacy, as that address becomes part of the public record.

Using a registered agency like the one Inc Authority offers allows all your documentation to be redirected to a private, secure location, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being easily accessible.

Is Inc Authority Good for Non-Profits?

When it comes to non-profit organizations, every cent can make a difference. Inc Authority’s free LLC formation services are a huge win for non-profits who need an affordable way to get up and running. The free services Inc Authority offers include all the tools a non-profit needs to get moving in the right direction while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Is Inc Authority Right for Me?

If you’re looking to start up a corporation or limited liability company, Inc Authority offers an affordable approach to do just that. There are no hidden fees, so it is possible to set up a new business entirely for free.

Whether this is your first business or one of many under your belt, Inc Authority provides all the services you need to launch a company while making sure none of the legal red tape is missing. While great for a storefront business, it works incredibly well for those who work primarily online or out of their home as well.

Inc Authority even checks your business details to ensure your business gets exactly what it needs in your state and nothing more.

Between these features and high-rated ease of use, it’s hard to find someone that Inc Authority isn’t suitable for.

Inc Authority Reviews by Business Owners

Customer reviews for Inc Authority are stellar across the board. The service sees a very impressive 4.8 rating on TrustPilot with nearly 6,000 reviews. Here are just a few of their customer reviews:

Great company! I am very impressed with how they break everything down for you and go above and beyond to ensure that you build a successful business. I am very excited and look forward to our relationship moving forward.

-Pamela, on TrustPilot

I have used Inc Authority several times now to start a new business. They are quick and have great prices. It can even be free for basic service, but I like to get some add-ons like a registered agent.

-Russ, on TrustPilot

Very quick and easy. I was comfortable with the ease of the registration process. The video explanations answered every question that I might have had. I would definitely recommend Inc Authority to anyone getting an LLC.

-Earl, on TrustPilot

Final Review: Is Inc Authority Worth It?

Being so highly rated by so many business owners, it’s clear that Inc Authority does what it says it’s going to do.

With a multitude of free services that are easy to use and an accessible customer service team to back you up, Inc Authority works hard to help you create the best LLC you can.

Many other services charge for LLC formation and go from there.

At the very least, Inc Authority is here to walk you through your first steps in your new business, and since this process is free, you can decide whether or not to invest further from there.

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