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Indianapolis City Council Approves Gun Control Measure, Banning ‘Assault’ Rifles and Concealed Carry

The Indianapolis City-County Council has passed Proposal 156, a gun control measure introduced by Mayor Joe Hogsett as part of his public safety plan. The proposal received initial approval from the city’s Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee. It includes several provisions such as raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21, banning “assault rifles” within city limits, and requiring a license to carry.

Mayor Hogsett praised the council’s bipartisan support for the measure, stating that it sends a clear message about their commitment to addressing gun violence and illegal weapons on the streets. However, the plan is not immediately enforceable due to state laws that prohibit local governments from implementing such gun regulations. The city would only be able to enforce the measure if the state regulations change or if the courts intervene.

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Opponents of the proposal argue that it is unconstitutional and goes against state statutes. Republican Council minority leader Brian Mowery voted against the measure, citing its violation of state laws and the state constitution.

Supporters of the proposal consider it a necessary step for public safety, emphasizing the need to address gun violence and the proliferation of illegal weapons. Democrat Councilor Ali Brown defended the measure, stating that it was a stand against the excessive presence of firearms.

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In addition to the gun control measure, the council also approved a proposal to add three federal prosecutors who will focus on prosecuting federal gun crimes, as part of the mayor’s public safety plan.

It’s important to note that while the proposal has been passed by the city council, its immediate implementation is uncertain due to existing state laws. The controversy surrounding the measure reflects the ongoing debate over gun control and the balance between public safety and Second Amendment rights.

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