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Indianapolis City Council Votes in Favor of Banning ‘Assault’ Rifles and Removing Concealed Carry

The Indianapolis City-County Council has passed a proposed gun control measure known as Proposal 156, introduced by Mayor Joe Hogsett as part of his public safety plan. The ordinance, which was approved by a vote of 18 to five, includes raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21, banning “assault rifles” within city limits, and mandating a license to carry.

Details of the Proposal:

1. Age Requirement: The measure increases the minimum age to purchase a gun in the city to 21 years old. This means individuals under the age of 21 are prohibited from purchasing firearms within city limits.

2. Assault Rifle Ban: The ordinance includes a ban on “assault rifles” within the city. The specific definition of what constitutes an “assault rifle” may vary based on the language of the ordinance.

3. License to Carry: The proposal mandates that individuals who wish to carry firearms must obtain a license to do so. The details regarding the application process and requirements for obtaining a license are not specified in the available information.

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Enforceability and Opposition:

The plan is not immediately enforceable due to state laws that prohibit local governments from implementing gun regulations. The city would be able to enforce the measure if state regulations are lifted or if the law is changed through legislative or judicial action.

Opponents of the proposal argue that it is unconstitutional and violates state statutes and the state constitution. They question the effectiveness and impact of the ordinance.

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Supporters’ Perspective:

Supporters of the proposal consider it a necessary step to enhance public safety. They view it as a way to address concerns related to gun violence and the proliferation of illegal weapons on the streets.

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Additional Measures:

In addition to Proposal 156, the council approved a proposal to add three federal prosecutors who will focus on prosecuting federal gun crimes as part of the mayor’s public safety plan. This measure aims to strengthen efforts to address gun-related offenses and hold offenders accountable.


The passage of Proposal 156 by the Indianapolis City-County Council represents an effort to implement gun control measures at the local level. While the plan currently faces legal limitations and opposition, it highlights ongoing discussions surrounding gun regulation, public safety, and constitutional rights.

The enforcement of the proposal will depend on potential changes to state laws or legal challenges in the future.

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