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Influencer Arrested for Involvement in Jan. 6 Capitol Siege

A prominent conservative social media influencer, Isabella Maria DeLuca, has been formally charged for her actions during the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, including the theft and misuse of government property to assault police officers.

Arrest and Charges

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DeLuca was apprehended on several misdemeanor charges last week, including theft of theft and disorderly conduct.

Background Profile

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With a significant online following, DeLuca’s professional background includes roles within conservative circles, notably as a media associate and past internships with Republican members of Congress.

Severance of Professional Ties

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Following the revelation of her criminal charges, The Gold Institute for International Strategy announced the termination of DeLuca’s involvement with their organization.

Social Media Activity

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DeLuca’s online posts leading up to and following the Capitol riot reflect a combative stance on the electoral process and a personal admission of her presence at the events of January 6.

Involvement in the Riot

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Court documents reveal DeLuca’s direct participation in the riot, including entering the Capitol through a damaged window and facilitating the use of a table as a weapon against law enforcement.

Denial of Entry

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Despite video evidence, DeLuca’s initial claim to the FBI was that she had never entered the building.

Legal Proceedings

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The case against DeLuca adds to the extensive list of individuals charged in connection with the Capitol riot, highlighting the ongoing legal repercussions of the events of January 6.

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