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Iowa Poll Reveals Overwhelming Support for Donald Trump in 2024 Republican Primary Race

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According to the recent Iowa State University/Civiqs poll, former President Donald Trump is enjoying majority support in the crucial early caucus state of Iowa. The survey reveals that 54 percent of likely Iowa caucusgoers are backing Trump in the upcoming 2024 Republican primary race.

This significant lead leaves other potential presidential hopefuls far behind, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailing by 36 points at 18 percent support. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley comes in third, with 12 percent support, six points behind DeSantis.

The poll further highlights that entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy holds six percent support among likely Iowa caucusgoers, followed by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who garners three percent. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum lags behind with just one percent support.

In addition to revealing candidate preferences, the survey also asked respondents about their unfavorable choices, with nearly one-third selecting Christie.

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Conducted from November 10-15, the poll’s margin of error stands at +/- 5.9 percent among likely GOP caucus attendees. The timing of the survey is significant, as it follows Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ endorsement of DeSantis. However, the survey suggests that Reynolds’ endorsement failed to sway the opinion in DeSantis’s favor.

During a November rally, Governor Reynolds subtly criticized Trump, stating, “Not only do we need to make sure that we elect someone who can win and beat Joe Biden; we need a president who has the skill and the result to reverse the madness that we see every single day.” She continued by emphasizing the need for a leader who prioritizes the country over personal interests and is capable of staying focused and disciplined. Governor Reynolds also expressed her skepticism about Trump’s chances of winning.

Meanwhile, Nikki Haley’s campaign is reportedly allocating substantial resources in Iowa and New Hampshire with the hope of improving her standing in the polls and surpassing DeSantis. However, the latest RealClearPolitics (RCP) average reveals that the campaign efforts of both DeSantis and Haley have yet to show significant impact, as Trump maintains a commanding double-digit lead over his competitors in the Hawkeye State.

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