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IRS Whistleblowers Expose Shocking Biden Corruption: The Real Culprit Revealed

In a dramatic marathon House hearing, Democrats faced an unexpected challenge from two IRS whistleblower agents: Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler. The agents meticulously outlined how President Joe Biden’s Justice Department stifled the investigation into Biden family corruption while trying to project an image of independence and integrity.

Despite attempts by Committee Democrats to discredit the testimony, the agents provided damning evidence of the millions accumulated by Hunter Biden and his family from corrupt regimes. As the dust settles, it becomes evident that these veteran IRS agents possess an unparalleled understanding of tax law, making them formidable witnesses.

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IRS Whistleblowers’ Stellar Performance

Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler’s extraordinary testimony demonstrated their expertise in the intricacies of tax enforcement, an area of law that few prosecutors fully grasp. Their combined decades of experience and knowledge in tax law and financial bookkeeping practices placed them at the forefront of the Biden corruption investigation. Their confidence during questioning was unmatched, revealing a deep understanding that surpassed the committee members.

Discrediting the Democrats

Committee Democrats faced a rude awakening when their questions were met with irrefutable facts from the IRS whistleblowers. Jamie Raskin, a ranking Democrat, attempted to sow doubt by suggesting disagreements between prosecutors and agents on bringing felony charges.

However, Shapley promptly countered this claim, explaining that the case agents and line prosecutors were in agreement – it was the higher-ups at the Justice Department who hindered the investigation.

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The Shifting Story of Delaware U.S. Attorney

Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss played a significant role in the Biden corruption case. However, his story continuously changed, leading to doubts about his credibility. Initially claiming he had the authority to file charges, Weiss later admitted that he lacked the power to do so outside his district. This raised suspicion as it contradicted the whistleblowers’ testimony.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Role

Despite the focus on Weiss, it becomes evident that the real culprit behind the botched investigation is Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland failed to appoint a special counsel to avoid conflicts of interest when investigating Biden family corruption, leading to the case’s sabotage. His priority to protect President Biden – deeply implicated in the corruption probe – outweighed the pursuit of justice.


The IRS whistleblowers’ testimonies have shed light on the shocking Biden corruption case, exposing the true culprits behind the investigation’s failure. Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler’s expertise in tax law made them formidable witnesses, unshaken by attempts to discredit them.

As the spotlight shifts from Weiss to Garland, it becomes clear that the attorney general’s failure to appoint a special counsel allowed corruption to thrive unchecked. The pursuit of justice must not be derailed by political interests. The nation deserves a thorough and unbiased investigation into Biden family corruption, free from undue influence.

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