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Is New York Turning Red? Former Rep. Zeldin Says State ‘Trending Right,’ Trump Outreach Strategy Working

Former Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) highlighted a significant rightward shift in New York’s political landscape during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday. 

Zeldin, who has been an active figure in New York politics and a gubernatorial candidate, shared insights into how former President Donald Trump can capitalize on this trend as he faces legal challenges in the state.

Zeldin pointed out that since the inauguration of President Joe Biden, New York has been gradually “trending right.” 

This shift, according to Zeldin, is evident despite the state’s current single-party rule and a supermajority of Democrats in Albany.

Highlighting the challenges within the state, Zeldin criticized the influence of prosecutors funded by George Soros and policies like cashless bail. 

He also touched upon the ongoing migrant crisis, all of which he believes are affecting Biden’s popularity in New York.

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According to Zeldin, President Biden’s approval ratings are notably low in New York, which he attributes to the state’s dissatisfaction with federal and local governance. 

This discontent, Zeldin suggests, provides a fertile ground for Republican strategies.

With Trump spending significant time in New York due to his criminal trial, Zeldin commended him for using this opportunity wisely by engaging with various communities across the state. 

His visits to local neighborhoods and interactions with diverse groups were highlighted as strategic moves that could garner widespread support.

Zeldin encouraged Trump to continue making appearances in diverse communities, such as the Dominican and Asian American neighborhoods in New York. 

He detailed how these efforts have previously helped the Republican party win votes from traditionally Democratic blocs in the 2022 gubernatorial race.

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The strategy, as outlined by Zeldin, involves not just focusing on New York City but also reaching out to other parts of the state where Trump’s popularity increases as one moves away from the metropolitan area. 

This approach, he notes, could reinforce Trump’s position in upcoming elections.

Zeldin emphasized that Trump’s campaign efforts in New York have national ramifications. 

He argued that visible support from diverse groups within Democrat-stronghold areas sends a powerful message across the country, potentially boosting Trump’s image as a unifier.

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In closing, Zeldin expressed his readiness to support Trump’s campaign efforts and noted that, despite the pressures of his legal battles, Trump remains in high spirits.

He commended Trump’s resilience and his ability to engage positively with the public during these challenging times.

Lee Zeldin’s endorsement of Donald Trump’s current strategy reflects a broader Republican effort to reclaim and strengthen their position in traditionally Democratic states like New York. 

By embracing the shift in voter sentiment and actively engaging with various communities, Trump can enhance his prospects not just in New York, but across the nation as he prepares for future electoral challenges.

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