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Is She Really Interested? – Seeking Guidance on a Troubling Relationship

In this Reddit post from the r/relationships subreddit, a user seeks advice regarding a relationship they have been in for seven months. The original poster (OP), a 25-year-old male, is concerned about the behavior of the girl he has been dating, who is also 25 years old.

The OP explains their situation and seeks guidance on how to handle the issues they are facing.

Background Information

The OP begins by providing some background information about their relationship. They mention that they have been dating for seven months and describe the girl as energetic, fun-loving, and someone they believe they have a true connection with.

However, they also note that there have been some alarming incidents that have left them feeling confused and unsure about the future of their relationship

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Lack of Communication

One of the main concerns expressed by the OP is the girl’s lack of communication. They explain that she often goes on “mini-disappearances” where she doesn’t reply to text messages or answer phone calls for hours or even days at a time. This behavior leaves the OP feeling worried and anxious about the state of their relationship.

The lack of communication raises questions about whether the girl is truly committed or if there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Mixed Signals

Another issue raised by the OP is the girl’s tendency to send mixed signals. They describe instances where she will show affection and express genuine interest in their relationship, but then suddenly pull away or become distant without any apparent reason.

The OP expresses frustration and asks for advice on how to interpret such behavior and whether it indicates a lack of interest or something else entirely.

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Unresolved Past Troubles

The OP reveals that the girl has had problems with substance abuse in the past, and this knowledge adds to their concerns. They mention that the girl has mentioned relapses before, which further fuels their apprehension about the future of the relationship.

The OP wonders if their partner’s previous struggles with addiction are affecting their current behavior.

Seeking Advice

The OP seeks advice from the Reddit community. They ask fellow Redditors if they should confront the girl about their concerns or if it’s better to walk away from the relationship altogether. They express their emotional investment in the relationship but emphasize the need for a healthy and stable partnership.

Supportive Community Response

In the comment section, various Redditors offer their insights and share their own experiences. Many suggest open communication as a crucial step, advising the OP to approach the girl calmly and express their concerns in a non-confrontational manner.

Others suggest seeking couples therapy or professional help to navigate the challenges they are facing together.


While the Reddit post doesn’t provide a firm resolution to the OP’s relationship issues, it highlights the importance of effective communication, understanding, and seeking professional assistance when needed. Relationships often face obstacles, and seeking advice from a supportive community can be a valuable resource in finding potential solutions or guiding individuals toward making the best choices for their own well-being.

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