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Is This Real Life or a Puppet Show? Biden’s “Scripted” Gender Surgery Dialogue Sparks Outrage

The Plot Thickens

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Presidential press conferences aren’t usually compared to the likes of a puppet show, but hey, we’re living in interesting times! On Thursday, President Biden and a PBS reporter got served a steaming plate of backlash for an exchange some critics are calling a “scripted” scene straight out of a dystopian novel. The topic? The controversial issue of trans medical procedures for kids. 

Setting the Scene

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The whole shebang unfolded during a press conference where Biden was sharing the limelight with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. PBS reporter Laura Barrón-López took center stage, alleging that Republican-led states are passing anti-LGBT, anti-trans laws restricting rights and healthcare, leading to a rise in intimidation. Barrón-López played on heartstrings, speaking of a Texan family contemplating fleeing the country for fear of their transgender child’s safety.

Biden’s Call to Arms

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Our Commander-in-Chief was quick on the draw with his response, first offering to connect with the mentioned family. He then proudly recalled ending the military’s ban on transgender individuals and signing the Respect for Marriage Act. But the battle’s far from over, according to Biden, who blamed “hysterical” and “prejudiced” people for the onslaught of “ugly” and fear-mongering incidents across the country.

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The Return Fire

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While President Biden’s response may have seemed like a heartfelt defense of trans kids, not everyone was buying it. The president and Barrón-López’s exchange was met with a barrage of outraged responses from conservative corners of the internet. Fox News Radio host Guy Benson, for instance, gave a sarcastic shout-out to Barrón-López’s “question” calling it “a thing to behold.”

Allegations of Puppetry

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NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wasn’t far behind with his fiery critique, branding Barrón-López’s question as “Fake News” and “pants on fire.” Houck also slammed Biden for apparently reading from prepared notes, labelling the whole thing “pre-screened” and “ALL scripted.”

Caught Red-Handed

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The Biden administration isn’t a stranger to such accusations. In the past, the president has faced flak for seeming to have a cheat-sheet of reporters to call on, complete with photos. The critics aren’t holding back, asking if the president also had the reporters’ questions in advance. 

Striking a Nerve

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Further stoking the fire, Biden was berated for his support of gender surgeries for minors. Former Ted Cruz adviser, Steve Guest, claimed Biden’s response highlighted his desire for the “mutilation of minors.” Conservative writer Jim Treacher hit back at Biden’s “all our kids” remark, arguing it’s exactly why they want to stop him from “ruining their lives by sterilizing them.”

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Waking the Silent Majority

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Republican communications expert Matt Whitlock blasted Biden’s comments as a “huge political miscalculation,” suggesting that most Americans, including many Democrats, oppose transgender surgeries for kids. Parents Defending Education founder Nicki Neily threw fuel on the fire, showing data suggesting that a majority of Americans find discussing transgender issues with young students inappropriate.

The Punchline

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In one of the more dramatic responses, libertarian filmmaker Anna Zetchus Smith likened the exchange to “North Korean puppetry.” Reporter Zaid Jilani highlighted the irony of Biden’s endorsement of gender surgeries for kids while standing next to a leader whose country is tightening regulations on the same. 

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The Finale

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So, what’s next in this whirlwind of controversy? The debate rages on, leaving us with questions and divisions that seem far from being settled. Could the dialogue have been scripted, or was it an authentic conversation? Is Biden really for the people, or is he pushing a personal agenda? You decide!

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