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Is This the Truth Behind Why People Are Choosing to Stay Home and Rely On Government Assistance Instead of Work

In a TikTok video that has recently gone viral, a man utilizes simple arithmetic to elucidate why a growing population of Americans is opting for government assistance rather than seeking out employment prospects.

@your_favoritebiker has posted a video in response to the idea that individuals are more likely to depend on government aid instead of working. In the video, he performs some rapid calculations to illustrate why this could be the prevailing pattern.

As per his calculations, the mean cost of a residence in Texas is approximately $1,000 each month, excluding additional expenses such as water and gas. At the same time, the average monthly expenditure on a vehicle in Texas is just below $600.

Consequently, an individual who desires both a car and a dwelling in Texas would have to shell out approximately $1600 every month. For someone who earns less than $2,000 per month (before taxes) at a rate of $12 per hour, it becomes challenging to meet the expenses associated with their livelihood.

Credits: DepositPhotos

He concludes by stating, “For those of you who are unable to comprehend why individuals are not willing to work for you, perhaps it is because you cannot afford to employ them.”

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Alternatives to the issue

He suggests an alternative solution to the problem, stating that instead of charging customers $30 per hour for on-site personnel, businesses should pay their workers a fair wage that allows them to afford fundamental essentials such as shelter and food without the need for government aid.

He says, “Otherwise,” “you know it makes it really simple to simply sit on your a** and ask for assistance.” “Who the heck wants to work 40 hours a week and then have to seek government help on top of that?” is an exaggerated version of the question.

He highlights that the issue of surviving on a low income is not limited to uneducated individuals in the United States, but it also affects those with college degrees who earn less than $15 per hour. He emphasizes that sustaining oneself on such wages is impractical and is the reason why some Texans are living in tents.

He expresses his weariness of the notion that “Americans don’t want to work,” instead suggesting that the actual problem is that companies are unwilling to pay their workers fairly.

The video instigated a vibrant discussion in the comments section, with numerous viewers voicing their personal viewpoints and opinions on the matter.

One commenter pointed out that numerous businesses and corporations are more interested in exploiting their workers rather than paying them enough to live comfortably.

Another commenter suggested that the significant problem is inflation.

A third commenter, who resides in Texas, shared their personal experience, stating that they earn $20 per hour and still find it challenging to meet their expenses.

In summary, there appears to be a prevailing lack of drive among low-income employees to attend work, given the ease of obtaining government aid. This predicament is increasingly prevalent and has the potential to result in diminished economic progress and greater responsibility on the part of the government.

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