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Israeli PM Netanyahu Urges America to Support Victory Against Hamas, Warns of Global Consequences

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently expressed a dire warning to America, emphasizing that if the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) fail to defeat Hamas, Europe and America could be next. During an interview, Netanyahu stressed the need for victory not only to protect Israel but also for the sake of the Middle East, their Arab neighbors, and even the people of Gaza who have suffered under the oppressive rule of Hamas.

Netanyahu further explained the significance of victory, stating that it is crucial for the well-being of the civilized world. He emphasized that the battle they are fighting is not just for Israel but for the forces of civilization against the barbarism represented by Hamas, which is an integral part of what he refers to as the “Axis of Terror” controlled by Iran.

Remarking on the global implications of the conflict, Netanyahu underlined that the victory over Hamas is necessary to prevent the spread of barbarism, which poses a threat to every civilized nation, including the United States. He expressed the importance of defeating these terrorists and protecting peace and prosperity in the Middle East and the world at large.

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Netanyahu recognized the support provided by President Biden and his administration throughout this war against Hamas, citing their cooperation in ensuring a safe corridor for Palestinian civilians to leave Gaza and facilitating humanitarian aid. However, he insisted that a ceasefire cannot be agreed upon until the Israeli hostages held by Hamas are safely returned.

Taking a critical stance on the protests demanding a ceasefire, Netanyahu dismissed them as representing a minority opinion and asserted that Israel will not be swayed by such demonstrations. He emphasized their commitment to doing what is necessary to win the war, not only for their own sake but for the sake of humanity and civilization.
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Ultimately, Netanyahu’s message to America was a call for support in their battle against Hamas. He highlighted the need for victory to protect not only Israel but also the values of civilization, warning that the consequences of failing to defeat terrorism would reach far beyond the Middle East.

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