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Items From Murdaugh Family Estate Listed on EBAY at Ridiculous Prices

Recently, several items from the Murdaugh family’s infamous South Carolina estate were sold at an auction, and now some of them are being resold on eBay with substantial price tags. 

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Crossbow listed on EBAY for $14,000

The items range from a crossbow to a wooden card catalog, and according to ABC4, they are being resold for at least $14,000 and $10,000, respectively. These macabre souvenirs were among the dozens of Murdaugh family items sold off by Liberty Auction in Pembroke, Georgia, last week as part of the property’s new owners’ plan to clear out the residence.

In addition, Fox News reported that a camouflage gun case was listed for an opening bid of $4,999. The outlet said a pair of deer antlers from Moselle sold for $399.99, while a pair of men’s waders went for $125. The prices at which these items are being resold are astounding, given the notorious history of the estate.

One of the high-profile items that has not yet hit the internet is the “alibi couch,” which was the brown leather sectional set that Murdaugh claimed he was resting on when his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, were gunned down. 

Credit: DepositPhotos

Couch purchased for $36,000 is ‘absolutely’ comfortable

This couch went to Phillip Jennings III for an eye-popping $36,000, who, in an interview with CourtTV, was unfazed by the couch’s grisly history and said it was “absolutely” comfortable.

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Interestingly, some items being resold on eBay, such as the hunting jacket allegedly belonging to Murdaugh himself, sold for a low price of $275.

The tortoise shell lamps, which were widely criticized as being gaudy and unnecessary, were not listed on eBay, as per the original source.

Auction team handled estate just like any other

In the run-up to the auction, Liberty Auction’s team insisted on handling the high-profile sale just like any other. As Lori Mattingly, one of the owners of the family-run business, stated, “This is just our job. We clean up people’s estates. The Murdaughs’ things are not any better or nicer than any other things that we pick up from other people’s homes.”

The estate, which was visited by jurors just one day before convicting Alex Murdaugh of murder, was sold for $3.9 million this month. $530,000 of the proceeds went to Murdaugh’s surviving son, Buster, and the remainder will help pay legal fees and creditors. 

It is worth noting that Alex Murdaugh is currently serving two concurrent life sentences at Kirkland Correctional Institution while he appeals his murder convictions and awaits trial for financial crimes.

Reselling these items raises questions about the ethics of profiting from such a notorious tragedy. As per ABC4, “Critics of the sales say the auction only furthers a legacy of tragedy, greed, and power in the Murdaugh family that ultimately led to the death of two innocent people.” 

While some may argue that the sale of these items is a harmless business transaction, others may view it as profiting from a tragic event.

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