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Ivana Trump Townhouse Is On Sale For $25.6 Million

The home of Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s ex-wife, is up for sale. Ivana Trump was found dead in her home in July this year. Now, the spectacular New York Townhouse is on the market and has been listed at $25.6 Million! 

The proceeds from the sale will reportedly be split between Ivana’s three children, Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr. 

Ivana trump townhouse

A look inside the house justifies the steep asking price. The 8,725-square-foot home exudes luxury from top to bottom. The five-story home boasts five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

In Ivana’s 2017 book Raising Trump, she described her style as “luxurious and whimsical” which is certainly evident throughout the New York townhouse. 

Connecting the different stories of the townhouse is a gorgeous winding staircase with luxurious red carpets. The home has its own library with a “leopard theme” with leopard print designs covering the furniture and the floor.

The dining room is “Versailles-inspired” and features a glass-to-ceiling window that overlooks an interior private courtyard. 

Ivana trump townhouse

Each room is crafted with great attention to detail, with high ceilings, curved walls, and grand columns. The home features luxurious chandeliers and gold finishes throughout. 

The en-suite bathroom is lined with stunning pink marble throughout and panels of mirrors on each side.

The home, built in 1879, was purchased in 1992 by Ivana Trump for $2.5 Million – the same year her divorce from Donald Trump was finalized. The home was Ivana Trump’s place of residence until her death earlier this year. 

Eric Trump, Ivana’s youngest son, said the home reflected his mom’s “style and elegance.” 

“My mum absolutely loved that house,” he said. “She wasn’t a ‘let’s throw on a pair of sweatpants’ kind of person. She believed in looking good.”

“It was the last possession in the world she would ever have gotten rid of.”


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