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Jason Aldean Addresses Controversy Surrounding Latest Music Video

Country artist Jason Aldean faced a wave of backlash after the release of his music video for “Try That in a Small Town.” During recent concerts, Aldean addressed the criticisms and defended his stance.

Video Theme and Criticisms:

Sharing his experiences from the past week, Aldean commented, “It’s been eventful. There’ve been many speculations about my views based on the music video.” On Instagram, he emphasized that the song, which debuted in May and was later visually represented, wasn’t centered around “race or racial implications.”

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Public Response:

Reactions from the audience were mixed. Some voiced their displeasure, while others cheered for the country singer. Amidst the noise, Aldean continued, expressing his love for his country and desire to protect it. The crowd chanted “USA” in response.

Support from Family:

Brittany Aldean, prior to a concert in Cincinnati, shared photos on Instagram, showing their daughter, Navy Rome, and her in matching cowgirl outfits. Earlier in the week, she supported her husband against accusations that his song had racial undertones.

Credits: DepositPhotos

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Video Removal and Criticism:

Country Music Television (CMT) removed the video from its platform a mere three days after its initial broadcast. Aldean and his wife Brittany responded to the move, with the latter emphasizing the need to “speak the truth.”

Music Video’s Location Controversy:

TackleBox, the production company behind the video, confirmed it was shot at Maury County Courthouse. This choice was criticized, considering the location’s history. However, TackleBox noted the courthouse’s popularity as a filming spot, with other movies and music videos having used it as a backdrop in the past.

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