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Jesse Watters Criticizes Trans Activist’s Behavior at the White House

White House Decorum: A Matter of Public Debate

Fox News host Jesse Watters voiced his strong opinions on “Jesse Watters Primetime” about a recent incident involving a transgender activist flashing at the White House.

Trans Activist Rose Montoya: From Activism to Flashing

Transgender activist Rose Montoya found herself in the spotlight after flashing at the White House. Responding to the incident, Watters commented, “They basically open Hunter’s laptop on the South Lawn, but that wasn’t one of Hunter’s friends, the flasher is Joe’s friend Rose Montoya… The flasher is trans and if you’re trans, you can do whatever you want.”

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Flasher Controversy: Watters Takes a Stand

Watters didn’t mince words, criticizing the incident as a breach of decorum. “You can do whatever you want. No shoes, no shirt, no problem,” he said. He went on to express surprise that such an event occurred during Biden’s administration rather than Trump’s.

Guest List Evaluation: Watters Questions White House Vetting

The Fox News host raised questions about who was responsible for putting together the guest list for the event. He asked rhetorically, “Was it the same people who vetted the guys we flew out of Afghanistan?” 

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A Matter of Decorum: Watters Criticizes Double Standards

Credit: DepositPhotos

In his critique, Watters pointed out that there are certain places deemed inappropriate for such behavior, including churches, schools, funerals, and, in his view, the White House. He argued that there seems to be a double standard at play: “Women can’t flash at the White House. Men can’t moon at the White House. But if you’re trans, anything goes.”

Biden’s Reaction: Watters Takes Issue

Adding fuel to the fire, Watters ended his segment by criticizing President Biden’s response to the incident. According to Watters, Biden referred to the trans activist as a hero, a characterization that Watters strongly disagreed with.

In the wake of this incident, debates around decorum, behavior, and respect for public places like the White House are once again at the forefront of public discourse.

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