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Jewel Praises “Sound of Freedom” for Exposing Human Trafficking, Criticizes Media for Politicizing Film

Singer-songwriter Jewel recently praised the film “Sound of Freedom” and encouraged her fans to watch it. She commended the movie for shedding light on the international human trafficking industry and exposing its horrific realities. Jewel expressed her disappointment with the media’s attempts to politicize the film, emphasizing that the issue of child sex trafficking transcends political affiliations.

Jewel’s Endorsement

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In a video shared on her Twitter account, Jewel referred to “Sound of Freedom” as the “little indie movie that could” and applauded its success at the box office. She urged her followers to see the film, emphasizing its inspirational nature and powerful storytelling. Jewel expressed her shock at the scale of modern-day slavery, stating that there are currently more enslaved children than during the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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Criticism of Media Politicization

Jewel criticized the media’s attempts to politicize “Sound of Freedom.” She highlighted the film’s focus on exposing the millions of children trapped in slavery and emphasized that protecting vulnerable children should be a unifying goal, regardless of political differences or personal beliefs. Jewel encouraged viewers to look beyond political divisions and unite in safeguarding children from exploitation.

Real-Life Inspiration and Film Plot

“Sound of Freedom” features actor Jim Caviezel in the role of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent. The film is based on the true story of Ballard, who left his job to rescue children from an international sex trafficking ring. The movie depicts Ballard’s efforts to dismantle the criminal network and save young victims from the horrors of sex trafficking.

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Mainstream Media Reception

Jewel expressed her sadness over mainstream media reception, which attempted to delegitimize “Sound of Freedom” by associating it with right-wing conspiracy theories. Several outlets characterized the film as fodder for QAnon and dismissed its significance. Jewel highlighted the importance of focusing on the issue of child trafficking rather than engaging in divisive political debates.


Jewel’s endorsement of “Sound of Freedom” underscores the film’s impact in raising awareness about the global problem of child sex trafficking. By criticizing the media’s attempts to politicize the movie, she emphasizes the need for collective action in protecting vulnerable children. “Sound of Freedom” serves as a call to unite against human trafficking and highlights the importance of spreading awareness through powerful storytelling.

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