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Joe Biden Accidentally Becomes Bitcoin Ambassador in Coffee Mug Video

In a surprising turn of events, United States President Joe Biden unintentionally found himself inadvertently endorsing Bitcoin in a recent social media post promoting merchandise for his reelection campaign.

On August 3, Biden tweeted a video of himself enjoying a cup of coffee from a mug with his face featuring glowing red “laser eyes,” a popular symbol among Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The “laser eyes” meme originated as part of a social media movement to drive Bitcoin’s price to $100,000 by the end of 2021, though the goal was not achieved.

Notable figures such as NFL star Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, and Elon Musk have previously embraced the “laser eyes” in their profile pictures to express their bullish outlook for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Crypto enthusiasts quickly noticed the design of Biden’s coffee mug and flooded his post with delighted and amused responses, playfully dubbing him a “Bitcoin maxi” and suggesting that he had inadvertently given the “biggest endorsement of Bitcoin history.” However, it is essential to recognize that Biden’s administration has not been particularly crypto-friendly, with controversial tax proposals and other “anti-crypto” political efforts drawing criticism from the crypto community.

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The coffee mug is humorously named “Dark Brandon,” alluding to Biden’s meme-based online alter-ego, portraying him as a darker and edgier version, often used by his supporters to highlight his policy victories. While the accidental endorsement amused the crypto community, it is improbable that Biden’s promotion was a deliberate nod to Bitcoin, given his administration’s prior stances on the cryptocurrency.

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