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‘Joe Biden will be re-elected, and the election will not be close,’ Democrat Congressman’s bold prediction

The re-election of President Joe Biden is virtually guaranteed, according to the confident prediction of Congressman Ted Lieu. He bolsters his assertion by referencing the resurgence of the “Blue Wall.”

The politician, a retired military officer and attorney from California, posted on Twitter, “Joe Biden will be re-elected, and the election will not be close.”

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Lieu points to election victory, resurgence in crucial states

Lieu highlighted the decisive victory of a liberal over a conservative candidate in a state-wide election in Wisconsin, noting that it pivoted around a single issue: abortion.

Further supporting his optimism, Lieu quoted a tweet by Brent Peabody, which illustrated the recent resurgence of Democratic power across several key states.

Democrats’ promising hold on prominent states ignites optimism

Peabody’s tweet conveyed: “A reason for optimism in 2024 = the return of the Blue Wall (MN, MI, WI, PA) Dems hold all 4 Governors Mansions, all 4 State Supreme Courts, and 7/8 Senators.”

“They haven’t lost a cycle since 2016 and have the infrastructure to win again next year.”

Peabody, Lieu’s profound insights and support for President Biden 

Peabody, a graduate student at Harvard Kennedy School, has demonstrated a knack for accurate political predictions.

Likewise, Lieu, an alumnus of Stanford and Georgetown Law, is among the group of California politicians resolutely supporting the President under the leadership of Governor Newsom.

Republican prospects hindered by polarizing issues

In stark contrast, the much-anticipated Republican “Red Wave” failed to materialize due to contentious issues like abortion and the revocation of minority rights.

Such polarizing policies could pose significant challenges for Republicans in the 2024 elections.

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Opposition to transgender bans grows among independent voters 

Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

An NPR poll indicated that over half of Independent voters, crucial swing voters in recent elections, believe that laws about transgender bans are excessive.

The data suggest that moderate Republicans and Independent voters disapprove of book bans and cultural wars in general.

‘Never Trump’ movement, fervent supporters clash ahead of GOP nomination

There is also a noticeable rift between the “Never Trump” movement and ardent supporters of the former President, who will likely be the GOP nominee.

A critical distinction between the major parties is their approach to communicating with voters.

Lieu highlights Democratic achievements in job market

Lieu recently shared a Twitter job growth report: “For 29 consecutive months…the job market created more jobs–far more jobs, in most cases–than economists, labor analysts, and other ‘experts’ predicted.” 

Adding, “Democrats put People Over Politics and grew the economy.” Unlike some Republicans, Lieu promotes his party’s achievements rather than engaging in partisan attacks.

Lieu condemns efforts to ‘expunge’ Trump’s impeachments

Lieu was recently in the spotlight for criticizing Greene’s attempt to “expunge” Trump’s impeachments, referring to it as a “totally a made-up process.”

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He declared, “There is no such thing known as an expungement of an impeachment in the United States Constitution.”

Lieu described the move as “nothing more than a glorified press release with a fake vote.” He concluded it was “just more stupid stuff from a radical Republican Caucus.”


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