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Joe Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward As Comer Calls Hunter Biden’s Deposition ‘Huge Success’

Wednesday’s closed-door deposition with Hunter Biden has been described as a huge success and a significant advancement for the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said.

GOP-Led Investigation Validated

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Comer emphasized that many aspects of the GOP-led investigation were validated during the deposition, marking it as a significant breakthrough.

James Comer’s Statement

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In an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity, Comer asserted that the deposition transcript revealed Hunter Biden’s lack of truthfulness and highlighted his admission of $40,000 from China reaching Joe Biden.

What Is The Impeachment Inquiry?

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Hunter Biden’s deposition is part of the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Biden, centered on allegations of his involvement in and benefit from his son’s foreign business dealings.

White House’s Denial

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Despite the White House’s repeated denial of Biden’s connection to his son’s affairs and any involvement, the committee’s inquiry persists.

Hunter Biden’s Transcript

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The transcript of Hunter Biden’s meeting with the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, released Thursday, reveals his consistent denial of involving his father in his business affairs.

Hunter Biden’s Statement

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Stressing that his father was never involved in any of his business dealings, Hunter Biden stated that he never received any money from anybody or benefited in any way.

Democrats Criticize The Inquiry

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Following the deposition, Democratic Representative Robert Garcia criticized the impeachment inquiry, citing a lack of evidence against the President.

Republicans Thrash Hunter Biden

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Republican Representative Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota criticized Hunter Biden for answering only the questions he wanted to and those that were convenient for him.

Live Congressional Hearing Next?

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Armstrong posted on X that the deposition was just the first step and that a live congressional hearing should be held next to ensure accountability and transparency with the citizens.

Impeachment Committee Broken

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A key player in the committee, a former FBI source, Alexander Smirnov, was charged with falsifying records and making false statements about the Biden family’s business.

Yet, the House Republicans remain committed to the inquiry.

Republicans Chasing The Inquiry

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Comer emphasized the importance of bringing Hunter Biden in for a public hearing and getting other Biden associates to go on record to let the American citizens ascertain the truth.

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