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Joe Biden’s Unintentional Bitcoin Endorsement

In an unexpected twist, President Joe Biden unintentionally endorsed Bitcoin in a recent social media post showcasing merchandise for his reelection campaign.

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Biden’s Mug with “Laser Eyes”

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Biden’s tweet featured a video of him drinking coffee from a mug adorned with his face donning glowing red “laser eyes,” a popular symbol within the Bitcoin community.

The Origins of the “Laser Eyes” Meme

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The “laser eyes” meme originated as part of a social media movement aimed at driving Bitcoin’s price to $100,000 by the end of 2021, though the goal was not met.

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Notable Figures Embrace “Laser Eyes”

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Celebrities like Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, and Elon Musk have previously embraced the “laser eyes” meme, expressing their optimism towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Enthusiasts Respond to Biden’s Mug

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Crypto enthusiasts quickly noticed Biden’s mug design, flooding his post with playful responses, dubbing him a “Bitcoin maxi” and suggesting he unintentionally made the “biggest endorsement of Bitcoin history.”

Biden’s Administration and Cryptocurrency

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Despite the accidental endorsement, Biden’s administration has not been particularly supportive of cryptocurrencies, drawing criticism from the crypto community with tax proposals and other “anti-crypto” political efforts.

The Humorous Name of the Mug

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The coffee mug used by Biden is humorously named “Dark Brandon,” referencing the meme-based alter-ego associated with the President, portraying him as a darker and edgier version.

Amusement Within the Crypto Community

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While the accidental endorsement amused the crypto community, it is unlikely that Biden’s promotion was a deliberate nod to Bitcoin, considering his administration’s previous stances on the cryptocurrency.

Biden’s Accidental Bitcoin Ambassadorship

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Biden’s coffee mug video inadvertently turned him into a symbol of the Bitcoin community, despite his administration’s less crypto-friendly policies.

Internet Reactions to the Mug

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The online sphere was filled with amused and delighted reactions to Biden unintentionally becoming a “Bitcoin ambassador,” showcasing the playful nature of the crypto community.

Recognizing the Context

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Though the accidental endorsement brought joy to Bitcoin enthusiasts, it is essential to understand the broader context of Biden’s stance on cryptocurrencies and policies surrounding them.

Biden’s Coffee Mug: Fun, Yet Inconsequential

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Ultimately, Biden’s coffee mug mishap generated amusement, but it is unlikely to have a significant impact on his administration’s approach to cryptocurrencies and their regulation.

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