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Joe Rogan Slams President Biden – Calls Him Out on His Lies

On a recent episode of his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), host Joe Rogan had mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal as a guest on his show. Both were heavily critical of President Joe Biden and his family, claiming he’s “been in that lying business forever.” 

Trump is “doing something right” – Masvidal

The conversation began with guest Masvidal stating that former President Donald Trump’s possible indictment could be a sign that he’s “doing something right,” adding, “The one dude that’s fighting for us (Trump), that’s actually for the people, they want to crucify him.” 

Rogan agreed with Masvidal, claiming Biden is “so old and so compromised” and had lied about his record, education, and “a bunch of things.” Masvidal agreed and pointed to the ‘China money’ and the Hunter Biden laptop story as examples.

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Joe Rogan has previously criticized the alleged “suppression” of the laptop story during a March 2022 JRE episode, claiming that certain media outlets were stifling information that made them “uncomfortable.”

Furthermore, on the latest episode with Masvidal, the laptop came up again, together with several other topics.

The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story

“They suppressed it (the laptop) off of Twitter,” Rogan said. “And the fact that the liberals keep saying that there’s nothing to that, like, ‘What are you talking about?’ If that was Trump and Donald Trump Jr. was doing street crack with hookers in Vietnam and getting foot jobs, you’d be…”

“And getting $10 million from these places where he’s not equipped to have those types of jobs,” Masvidal interjects.

“Yes, he was getting money from China and Ukraine. I mean, it’s wild,” Rogan responds.

“And those are the same people that he’s giving our tax dollars to,” Masvidal adds.

“It’s terrifying to me that the left are the ones that are behind this, encouraging it, when the left was always anti-war,” Rogan says.

Rogan had previously warned that if America was ever led by a “hardcore Putin-type leader,” then “legitimate journalists that are exposing corruption” could be suppressed, using the efforts to crackdown The New York Post when it first reported on Hunter Biden’s laptop and emails as an example.

Joe Rogan, who is also a comedian, recently opened his own comedy club, where comedians don’t need to fear being ‘canceled’ for touching on controversial topics.


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