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Joe Rogan Unleashes Fury: Calls Dylan Mulvaney a ‘Mentally Ill Attention W—-‘ in Bud Light Debacle

Hold onto your hats as podcast host Joe Rogan ignites a firestorm by branding influencer Dylan Mulvaney a “mentally ill person” and an “attention w—-.” The heated comments emerged during Rogan’s discussion with rapper Ice Cube on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, following the backlash from Mulvaney’s sponsored Bud Light Instagram post. Buckle up as we dive into the controversial aftermath, exploring Rogan’s scathing remarks and the broader implications surrounding inclusivity in marketing.

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The Bud Light Backlash: Mulvaney’s Controversial Sponsorship

In April, Dylan Mulvaney faced public backlash after celebrating the one-year anniversary of her “days of girlhood” series on Instagram and TikTok. Bud Light sponsored a single Instagram post as part of the commemoration, which drew criticism for its timing and perceived exploitation of Mulvaney’s transition as a trans-woman.

Bud Light’s Damage Control and Mulvaney’s Disclosure

Recognizing the controversy, Bud Light issued an apology and attempted to mitigate the marketing misstep. However, in late June, Mulvaney spoke out about the intense hatred she received as a result of the controversial post. While the sponsorship was limited in scope and the personalized can was not available for sale, the situation presented an opportunity for Joe Rogan to revisit the failed attempt at inclusivity by Bud Light, taking aim at Mulvaney along the way.

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Questioning Bud Light’s Decision: Rogan and Ice Cube Discuss

During the podcast conversation, Ice Cube raised the question of who was responsible for the questionable decision at Bud Light. Expressing his disbelief, Ice Cube pondered if Bud Light was intentionally trying to ruin its own brand or undermine iconic American brands. Joe Rogan chimed in, suggesting that Bud Light and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch, may not have anticipated the backlash.

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ESG Initiatives and Woke Culture: Rogan’s Critique

Rogan delved into the realm of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, pointing out the pressure on companies to engage in “woke stuff.” He suggested that decision-makers like the Anheuser-Busch marketing executive who approved the Mulvaney post may have been influenced by a university and corporate system that promotes inclusivity as a mandate. Rogan argued that such decisions may disconnect these individuals from the experiences of regular people.

Inclusive Marketing vs. Blue-Collar Drinkers: Rogan’s Controversial Claims

In a surprising turn, Rogan seemed to insinuate a divide between “blue-collar” Bud Light drinkers and the concept of inclusivity. He claimed that the Bud Light brand resonated with a demographic known for enjoying football and the simple pleasures of life. Rogan then directed his vitriol towards Mulvaney, labeling her a “mentally ill person” and an “attention w—-,” suggesting that her involvement in the Bud Light campaign triggered an exaggerated negative response.


Joe Rogan’s explosive remarks targeting Dylan Mulvaney in the aftermath of the Bud Light debacle have stirred controversy and raised broader questions about the tensions surrounding inclusivity in marketing. While the incident highlights the challenges faced by brands when navigating sensitive topics, it also reveals differing perspectives on societal changes and the reception of diverse voices. The fallout from this incident underscores the importance of thoughtful and responsible messaging, as well as the ongoing discussions surrounding the intersection of marketing, inclusion, and public perception.

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