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Joe Scarborough Criticizes Donald Trump’s Latest Rant

Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” expressed his disappointment with Donald Trump’s recent social media attack on President Joe Biden. Scarborough found it particularly distasteful that Trump claimed America was “going to hell” without him in the White House.

Scarborough highlighted the hypocrisy of Trump’s statements, stating, “Talk about how sick to say that America is a rotten nation before you’re president of the United States, ‘American Carnage.’ And then you become president of the United States and America has four of the most tumultuous years later, and the second he leaves and is defeated by the American people, he goes back to saying that America sucks again.”

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During a conversation with former Senator Claire McCaskill, Scarborough expressed his disgust at how Trump views America. “Like, how grotesque that Donald Trump only thinks America’s great when Donald Trump’s president?” Scarborough questioned.

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McCaskill echoed Scarborough’s sentiments, emphasizing that Trump’s primary concern is himself rather than the well-being of the nation. She stated, “He doesn’t care about America nearly as much as he cares about himself.

He has no guiding philosophy. He has no ideology. He has no policies he really believes in. The only thing he believes in is the guy he sees in the mirror that he looks at probably more often than is ever healthy for any human being.”

McCaskill further added that Trump’s focus is on marketing rather than actual productivity. She criticized him as a “marketer” and a “huckster” who thrives on creating grievances. According to her, Trump does not create or build things; he only markets them.

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Instead of using Thanksgiving as an opportunity for unity and gratitude, McCaskill accused Trump of using the holiday to perpetuate anger and division. She stated, “On Thanksgiving, you should thank America for having values, and you should thank people and hope they come together. All he wanted to do on Thanksgiving was make sure everyone knew that he was still really pissed off about everything, and he wants to make sure they stay pissed off about everything.”

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