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John Bolton Rejects Claims of Department of Justice Weaponization Against Trump

Former National Security Adviser Discusses the Indictment of Donald Trump and Hunter Biden’s Case

Former national security adviser, John Bolton, appeared on CNN’s special coverage of Donald Trump’s indictment and addressed the issue of the Department of Justice (DOJ) being weaponized against the former president.

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Republicans’ Concerns on Justice Department’s Conduct

Anchor Jake Tapper brought up concerns raised by many Republicans in Congress regarding perceived double standards of justice. They question whether the DOJ is targeting Donald Trump for political reasons based on the accusations against him.

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Bolton’s Perspective on the Special Counsel

Bolton expressed his long-standing opposition to the concept of a special counsel, but he clarified that he doesn’t believe the DOJ is being weaponized in this case. He acknowledged that the special counsel has been operating independently, which he views as problematic from a constitutional standpoint. Nevertheless, he maintained that the notion of DOJ being weaponized is “simply false.”

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Questioning Treatment of Hunter Biden

Bolton also mentioned the possibility of Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, receiving similar treatment from the DOJ. He suggested that this issue warrants serious consideration. However, he emphasized that seeking retribution for one case by letting another go unpunished would not be appropriate. Bolton advocated for prosecuting any violations of the law, regardless of the individual involved.

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