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John Bolton Suggests Trump Kept Classified Documents Because They Were ‘Cool’

Former Trump National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has speculated that former President Donald Trump retained secret and classified documents because he found them ‘cool.’

The comment came after the Department of Justice (DOJ) released a detailed indictment charging Trump with violating the Espionage Act by maintaining documents on nuclear information and plans for an attack on another nation, among other things.

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Why Trump Held Classified Documents

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Bolton, who hasn’t ruled out another presidential run in 2024, voiced his opinion on why Trump might have held onto classified documents. “I think a lot of these documents, he may have just thought were cool, a lot of them he thought might be souvenirs.

A lot of them he thought might be useful to him later. I can’t answer the question until I see the document,” he said. His speculation comes in the wake of the DOJ unsealing a 37-count indictment against Trump.

Indictment Details

The indictment claims Trump admitted he didn’t declassify documents on a military ‘plan of attack’ and that he showed a classified map to someone without security clearance. The documents allegedly found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home included files related to the U.S. nuclear program, the CIA, the Pentagon, and ‘love letters’ exchanged with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un during his presidency.

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Bolton’s Thoughts on the Matter

However, Bolton stated that the reasons Trump took the material were not the heart of the issue. He said, “The simple fact that he had the documents for any reason or no reason should subject him to prosecution.” Bolton urged fellow Republicans to read the indictment and consider whether the allegations, if proven, should result in jail time for Trump.

Bolton, who had a prominent role in Trump’s White House, criticized GOP candidates who echoed Trump’s attacks on law enforcement rather than scrutinizing the alleged conduct in the indictment. He called for the RNC to distribute the indictment to every registered Republican, urging them to consider whether the allegations warrant a jail sentence if proven.


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