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John Oliver Offers Clarence Thomas $1 Million a Year to Quit, Says He Is Making American Lives “Demonstrably Worse”

Comedian and host of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver, has made a surprising offer to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, proposing a $1 million annual incentive to resign.

Oliver’s unconventional proposal, delivered during the season premiere of his show, has sparked both attention and controversy.

Oliver’s Critique of Justice Thomas

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During the premiere episode of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver took aim at Justice Clarence Thomas, criticizing his judicial decisions and impact on American society.

Oliver said that Thomas has made Americans lives “demonstrably worse” with his decisions.


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Oliver accused Thomas of contributing to the erosion of rights and the rollback of federal regulations, highlighting the justice’s involvement in key cases.

“Lot on your plate right now. From stripping away women’s rights to hearing Jan. 6 cases, you definitely shouldn’t be hearing two potentially helping rollback decades of federal regulations,” he said.

Incentive for Resignation

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In a bold move, John Oliver extended a lucrative offer to Clarence Thomas, proposing a $1 million annual payment and the promise of a luxury recreational vehicle.

A Win-Win

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Oliver argued that Thomas’s departure from the Supreme Court would benefit both the justice system and the American public, urging him to consider the offer seriously.

Think it Over!

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Oliver added, “So that’s the offer. $1 million a year, Clarence. And a brand new condo on wheels.

And all you have to do in return is sign the contract and get the f‑‑‑ off the Supreme Court.

Talk it over with your totally best friend in the whole world.

Because the clock starts now. Thirty days, Clarence … Let’s do this!”

Ethical Scrutiny

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Justice Clarence Thomas has faced increased scrutiny in recent months following reports of undisclosed gifts and benefits from conservative figures.

A Path To Redemption

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John Oliver seized upon this controversy, suggesting that Thomas’s resignation could be a path to redemption and ethical clarity.

Media Reaction

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The comedian’s proposal quickly garnered attention from media outlets, with coverage highlighting Oliver’s unconventional approach to addressing judicial issues.

Will They Judge Me?

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After making the offer, Oliver put in a few thoughts for Thomas to consider, “I think you’re thinking, what would my friend say if I take this offer?

Will they judge me as they sit in their boardrooms and mega yachts and Hitler shrines?

Will they still treat me to luxury vacations and sing songs about me off their phones?”

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