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John Rich Criticizes “Woke Culture” and Bud Light’s Marketing Campaign

John Rich, one half of the country music duo Big & Rich, recently spoke out against what he refers to as “woke culture” in an interview with Fox News Digital. Rich, who owns a Nashville bar and whiskey brand Redneck Riviera, made headlines after removing Bud Light from his establishment due to a marketing campaign the beer brand conducted with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. 

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Rich’s Stance on the Bud Light Marketing Campaign

He expressed his concern that the promotion made beer a “political social issue,” which his customers did not appreciate. After removing Bud Light, Rich noted that sales of the brand went down to zero in his bar, suggesting a broader dissatisfaction among Americans with cultural and political issues being constantly thrust into their daily lives. He cited polls indicating that a significant majority, around 82% of Americans, believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Redneck Riviera’s Values and Success

John Rich highlighted that his Redneck Riviera brand celebrates values such as “God, family, country,” and “hard work,” which he believes resonate with most Americans regardless of their political affiliation. He emphasized that Redneck Riviera whiskey has been selling well, demonstrating a positive response to the brand’s messaging and values.

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Respect for Garth Brooks’ Decision

Regarding fellow country musician Garth Brooks’ decision to continue selling Bud Light at his bar in Nashville, Rich expressed that it is entirely Brooks’ decision and wished him the best. He speculated that Brooks’ choice might be a reflection of his desire to contribute to healing the nation’s divisions.

Background on the Bud Light Controversy

The controversy arose when Bud Light sent Dylan Mulvaney a personalized pack of beer with his likeness as part of an advertisement for the company’s March Madness contest. Rich’s removal of Bud Light from his establishment and subsequent comments highlighted the ongoing debate surrounding corporate advertising and political messaging.

John Rich’s critique of “woke culture” and his decision to remove Bud Light from his bar underscore the tensions surrounding political and cultural issues within the entertainment industry and public discourse in general.

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