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Judge Allows Drug-Related Charge in ‘Rust’ Armorer Trial

Hannah Gutierrez, chief weapons handler for the film “Rust,” will face a drug-related charge alongside manslaughter charges in the fatal on-set shooting of the movie’s cinematographer.

New Mexico Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer ruled against Gutierrez’s request to exclude the evidence-tampering charge.

Evidence-Tampering Allegation

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Gutierrez allegedly gave a bag of cocaine to a crew member after the shooting to conceal it from police.

Prosecutors argue that her judgment may have been impaired on the day of the shooting due to her reported use of marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol during filming.

Potential Impact of Drug Use

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Prosecutors suggest that Gutierrez’s alleged drug use could have contributed to her failure to identify a live round, resulting in the fatal shooting.

Legal experts speculate that if jurors establish a link between her drug use and negligence, she could be convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Upcoming Trial

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Gutierrez’s trial is scheduled to begin on February 21 in Santa Fe. She faces three felony charges, including involuntary manslaughter, evidence tampering, and carrying a firearm into a bar.

If convicted, she could potentially face over four years in prison.

Baldwin’s Plea

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Actor Alec Baldwin, who fired the fatal shot, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

His trial date has not yet been set, and he awaits further legal proceedings.

Safety Hazards Investigation

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Prosecutors sought to introduce a state worker safety investigation report, indicating safety hazards during the movie’s production.

The investigation found that the production company displayed “plain indifference” to safety concerns, including mishandling of weapons and accidental firearm discharges on set.

Denied Request

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Judge Marlowe rejected the prosecutors’ request to exclude the safety investigation report from evidence.

The report’s findings may play a crucial role in establishing the production company’s responsibility for safety lapses during filming.

Legal Implications

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The inclusion of the safety investigation report adds complexity to Gutierrez’s trial, potentially highlighting broader safety issues beyond individual actions.

The findings could impact the overall narrative of negligence surrounding the tragic incident.

Public Scrutiny

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The “Rust” case has drawn significant public attention, sparking debates about on-set safety protocols and accountability in the film industry.

The outcome of Gutierrez’s trial and its implications for industry standards will be closely monitored.

Lessons Learned

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The tragic incident on the set of “Rust” underscores the importance of stringent safety measures in film production.

The case serves as a reminder of the need for comprehensive safety protocols to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Industry Reforms

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The aftermath of the “Rust” shooting may prompt reforms in safety regulations and practices within the film industry.

Stakeholders are likely to reassess protocols to ensure the well-being of cast and crew during productions.

Legal Precedent

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The legal proceedings surrounding the “Rust” case could set precedent for future cases involving on-set accidents and safety violations.

The outcome of Gutierrez’s trial may influence industry standards and legal accountability moving forward.

Continued Vigilance

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As the trial unfolds, attention will remain focused on the pursuit of justice for the victims of the “Rust” tragedy.

The case serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of maintaining safety standards in all aspects of filmmaking.

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