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Judge Deems California’s Ban on Public Gun Carry ‘Repugnant’ and Unconstitutional

A federal judge has ruled against a California law that aimed to prohibit carrying guns in various public places, stating that it infringed upon the Second Amendment and contradicted Supreme Court rulings.

Impact on Gun Owners In Limelight

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This legislation, which imposed significant restrictions on carrying firearms in public, even for permit holders, has sparked controversy over its impact on responsible gun owners.

Judge Criticizes Impact on Responsible Gun Owners

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The federal judge scrutinized the California law for its impact on responsible gun owners. He argued that the legislation unfairly targeted concealed carry permit holders, who had undergone thorough vetting and training.

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“Most Responsible Law Abiding Citizens”

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“Although the government may have some valid safety concerns, legislation regulating [concealed carry] permitholders — the most responsible of law abiding citizens seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights — seems an odd and misguided place to focus to address those safety concerns,” he said.

Governor Newsom’s Response

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California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his condemnation of the judge’s decision. He emphasized the importance of safety but disagreed with the ruling.

Potentially Lead to More Guns

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Governor Newson argued that it could potentially lead to more guns in places like hospitals, libraries, and children’s playgrounds.

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California Rifle and Pistol Association’s Perspective

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The California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) welcomed the judge’s ruling, emphasizing the right to self-defense.

Right To Self Defence

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They highlighted the importance of law-abiding citizens being able to protect themselves, as well as the court’s recognition of the state’s attempts to work around previous Supreme Court mandates.

CRPA’s Statement

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“California progressive politicians refuse to accept the Supreme Court’s mandate from the Bruen case and are trying every creative ploy they can imagine to get around it,” said Chuck Michel, president of the CRPA. “The Court saw through the State’s gambit.”

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Law Would Have Restricted Gun Carry in Public Spaces

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The contested California law aimed to ban carrying guns in numerous public spaces, prompting the State Attorney General to plan an appeal against the federal judge’s decision.

Public Safety Debate Rages On

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The ongoing legal battle underscores the tension between public safety concerns and Second Amendment rights.

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Judge Deems California’s Ban on Public Gun Carry ‘Repugnant’ and Unconstitutional

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