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Judge Delays Trump Trial, Awaiting Decision On Presidential Immunity

The start of former President Donald Trump’s federal election interference trial has been delayed, with no new date set, as courts consider his claim of presidential immunity.

Stay on Proceedings

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Following a request from Trump’s legal team, the trial has been on hold since mid-December, pushing any potential start date to late spring at the earliest.

Impact on the Republican National Convention

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The delay raises the possibility that the trial may extend beyond the Republican National Convention, affecting its timeline significantly.

Judge’s Previous Timeline

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Judge Tanya Chutkan had previously deemed seven months a sufficient preparation period for the trial, not accounting for the current pause.

Awaiting Court’s Decision

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The D.C. Circuit Court deliberates on Trump’s immunity claim, having heard oral arguments in early January on an expedited schedule.

Legal Team and Special Counsel’s Stance

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Trump’s lawyer and the special counsel’s spokesperson have refrained from commenting on the recent development.

Scheduling Conflicts Noted

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Signs of a potential delay emerged with Chutkan’s involvement in another case scheduled for early April and the absence of the March 4 trial date from D.C.’s court calendar.

Prosecution’s Estimated Duration

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Special counsel, Jack Smith’s team, estimated presenting their case would take four to six weeks, with potential jurors previously informed the trial could last about three months.

Primary Election Considerations

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The original March 4 start date would have placed the trial amidst the Republican primary, closely preceding Super Tuesday.

Presidential Immunity Argument

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Trump’s legal argument hinges on the claim that his actions challenging the 2020 election results were part of his official duties, thus granting him immunity under the Constitution’s separation of powers principle.

Trump’s Social Media Commentary

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Trump has publicly argued for complete presidential immunity, asserting it is essential for the president’s effective functioning.

New York Trial on the Horizon

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With the March 4 date vacated, Trump’s next legal battle may likely be in New York, involving allegations of hush money payments, set to start on March 25.

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