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Judge Rejects Ken Paxton’s Bid to Avoid Trial in Whistleblower Lawsuit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has encountered a legal setback as Judge Catherine Mauzy rejected his attempt to avoid a trial in a whistleblower case against him.

The case involves allegations of retaliation against two former aides who reported Paxton to the FBI for alleged misconduct, including accepting bribes.

Paxton Accepted Judgement

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Despite denying any wrongdoing, Paxton recently agreed to accept judgment in the case, citing the drain on taxpayer resources and the distraction it poses to critical state business.

Accusations Against Paxton

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Paxton has faced accusations of retaliating against former aides who blew the whistle on his alleged misconduct.

The aides claimed they were terminated in response to their reports to the FBI.

Paxton’s Bid to Avoid Trial

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In an effort to avoid a trial, Paxton’s legal team argued that a trial was unnecessary because he had already committed to accepting any judgment in the case.

Legitimacy Questioned

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They questioned the legitimacy of pursuing the lawsuit when Paxton had agreed to the entry of judgment.

Whistleblower’s Perspective

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On the other hand, TJ Turner, an attorney representing the whistleblowers, viewed Paxton’s efforts as an attempt to avoid testifying under oath.

Latest Parlor Trick

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He characterized it as “latest parlor trick in Office of the Attorney General’s quiver so that they avoid what the A.G. fears the most, and that’s testifying under oath.”

Texas Supreme Court’s Intervention

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The setback for Paxton came a day after the Texas Supreme Court, dominated by Republicans, temporarily halted his scheduled testimony.

Former President Donald Trump also urged the court to halt the case against Paxton on Truth Social.

Paxton’s Impeachment

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Paxton faced impeachment proceedings in the Texas House of Representatives in May, primarily based on the whistleblower allegations.

Subsequent Acquittal

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He was impeached by a significant margin in the GOP-controlled chamber but was subsequently acquitted on all 16 articles of impeachment by the state Senate.

Paxton’s First Time Under Oath

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Notably, Paxton did not testify during his impeachment trial.

Therefore, if a jury trial proceeds, it would mark the first time he would have to answer questions under oath regarding the allegations against him.

Paxton’s Accusations Against Whistleblowers

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In a statement released recently, Paxton asserted that he and the whistleblowers had initially agreed to settle the case. However, the deal fell apart after he was acquitted by the state Senate.

Whistleblower’s Intention To Undermine His Leadership

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Paxton alleged that the whistleblowers’ objective was not to resolve an employment lawsuit but to undermine his leadership and agency, aiming to challenge Texas as a leader against federal government policies.

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